Surviving Camp Grounds

When you go to camp it's supposed to be all cheerful and bright right? Well not this one it may have seemed that way at first but only for a few hours or so. There's a new perspective of camp in Lexi's eyes and those of her friends. But what happens When you put a lot of kid's with weird freaky powers together and in a camp? Well you'll just have to find out.


2. Not everything is peachy-keen

It’s been a week since I last seen Nicolette in the hospital and days since the incident. My mom said I could go visit her tomorrow. I felt at peace with the world, at some moment of my life. But after that incident my life has been a living jail. So Alondra and I went to see our dear friend Nicolette. There was a surprise we would have never thought to see. As we turned the corner we saw a face. That we thought was long gone. Turns out we thought autumn was dead but turns out she was alive. So she told us about how she had survived the incident. While she was telling us her story, I got a call from a very good friend. It was the camp counselor he told me he needed us. Turns out the murders had started again. This time he told us there were five more partners we would have. Considering our other friends died in the incident. He told us their names were Carlos, Aaron, Sarina, Alyssa and Hannah. Ever since that incident we had become the protectors of Camp Crystal Lake. I mean it’s not like the camp counselor could do it himself anyway. He was too scary but I would be too if I were him. He sent for us to be picked up in a limousine. We were highly shocked at what we saw. Inside the limousine sat Autumn but she looked somehow changed and next to her sat Nicolette. Autumn had changed the color of her hair to reddish brown. Nicolette had changed too. She had gotten blonde highlights. We stepped into the limousine one-by-one. On the way to the camp we stopped by five houses. The first house was a purple mansion. A boy came out he had brown hair and a gentle smile. He seemed happy as he was opening the door. When he got in the car he smiled. His smile was like no other it was very quizzical. The second house was a fiery red and fiery orange mansion. A girl with blonde hair came out with a huge duffel bag. She seemed nice she got into the limo and smiled. The third house was an evergreen and sky blue mansion a boy with black hair came out. He was unbelievably handsome it was hard to look away but I had to when Nicolette screamed. “What happened?” I asked her. “I lost my phone!” she said in a loud startled voice. “Oh, well did you have to scream about it?”I asked her in a sincere voice. I didn’t see it when Nicolette screamed but the boy was by the door where I was sitting and he was already in the car. He was smiling his smile was ravishing and breathtaking. The second to last house we stopped by before the camp was a dull gray and midnight black. A girl with red hair came out for a minute I thought it was Nicolette’s sister. When she got closer I noticed her eyes were a deep, mesmerizing violet purple. The last house we stopped by was a pale white mansion almost as big as the white house. A girl with blonde hair-almost close to brown- came out with a big smile. She was about to come into the limo when she suddenly stopped. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she asked. Right there and then I already knew what she was. Should I keep this to myself or should I tell them? When we arrived at the camp there was a lady in a business suit she look kind of suspicious to me. “Hello you must be the people who saved Camp Crystal Lake last year. Well welcome back.” She said with a tremendous smile on her face. Everyone else seemed to like her but I didn’t trust her. Something about this lady was off, strange, if you ask me.” OMG it's my heroes!” The camp counselor said screaming at the top of his lungs.”I think it’s about time I introduced your new teammates.” He stood looking a little shaken by their presence as if they were murderers. He pointed to the girl with red hair.”This is Sarina Lara she is a very skillful and talented shape shifter.” Now he was pointing to the boy with brown hair with fear in his eyes as if he were being tied to a lamp post at twelve midnight."This is Aaron Dubrowski he is a psychic telepath but he’s good at controlling himself.” He looked at the girl with blonde hair and smiled a soft yet fearful smile.”This is Hannah Saphister she is a fearless and strong werewolf. Also the leader of a clan called Crescent Moon.” She simply smiled back in a soft and fearless kind of way. Next he turned to the boy with the black wavy hair and sighed in a shaken kind of way. He was trying to put control back into his voice but was too frightened to do so.” This is Carlos Rugali he is a head vampire of a family known as the Red dawns.” The boy was so naturally attractive I couldn’t help but stare at him. Finally he pointed to the girl with blondish brown hair. “This is Alyssa Vetaro she is a newborn baby vampire so she can’t control herself that well. Lex I’m counting on you and Carlos to teach her the ways of vampire life.” Both Alyssa and Carlos looked at me as if I were some kind of prodigy I just growled under my breath. “Ok girls how about you introduce yourselves now it would only be fair.” The counselor was calmer now not like he was choking to death but more like he had just been saved from choking. “Hello my name is Alondra Lopez and I am a Faerie of Love.” She had a very pleasant smile on her face as if of amusement.” What’s up my name is Autumn Aguilera and I’m a werewolf associated with the Crescent Moon clan.” She did not seem very happy about the whole teamwork thing she liked to be independent. “Hi my name is Nicolette Courtney and I am a witch with the power to hypnotize. I just don’t know what my other powers are.” She seemed a little scared herself at what she had said. “I am Lexi Duvall I am a Psychic Vampire I can channel energy within one’s body and I can take their life force if I wish I do not need blood to survive I just need someone’s life or you could call it a murderess curse but I like to call it a quick feline attraction.” The counselor seemed to be choking again but out of sheer horror to my words and he quickly walked away from me .I was embarrassed with myself to have that many guts to tell my secret and to these people none the less. “Good now you all have introduced yourselves to each other, now we can get started". It was the counselor of course he was anxious to get us working I could tell he was unsteady and very frightened. “Now here’s your assignment, you have to find out if any of the kids that are arriving have a suspicious background to them if so report it to me immediately.” He was anxious to stay safe I knew that for sure now I was afraid I couldn’t cope with all of it. Knowing the fact that he thought I was a monster (not that but a psychotic monster at that).

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