Surviving Camp Grounds

When you go to camp it's supposed to be all cheerful and bright right? Well not this one it may have seemed that way at first but only for a few hours or so. There's a new perspective of camp in Lexi's eyes and those of her friends. But what happens When you put a lot of kid's with weird freaky powers together and in a camp? Well you'll just have to find out.


5. Is it real

“Oh my goodness, Carlos are you okay? Oh god you’re wounds they aren’t healing.” I didn’t notice but I was crying, like literally crying. “Oh I’m fine please don’t cry I’ll be fine. I promise I’ll never leave you even if were separated I’ll find my way back.” He was holding my face close to his, his face full of love in his words that he put in my direction. Then I felt a flash of insecurity I don’t know if it came from him or me. “Carlos do you really mean that, what you say might be true but you’ll have to show me for me to believe it.” He gave me a look of amusement and of confusion, but I can’t help but fall for him. He makes me want to break down and give him all of me even if it means him tearing me to pieces. “You don’t trust me do you? I see it’s because you had a flash of insecurity I just had it too so how can I trust you either?” He snapped back as fast as a lion that was about to catch its prey for its lion cub. “Carlos how can you say that? I do trust you it’s just I’ve never been in a relationship before, I mean can you blame me after all I’ve been through?” I gave him my snarl and my lovey dovey face so he knew I was serious about what I had said to him. “Oh come on take a freaking joke my goodness, ha ha ha.”  I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest, when he had said it like that. I mean who does he think he is talking to me like that I mean I could suck him dry and still he chooses to act like this.”Hey kids could you go find the counselor for us we’ll see if we can find the intruder.” I think Carlos just wanted some alone time with me without the kids. He led me into the woods with him he just pulled me close to his chest. Then he began to caress my neck with his hands and lips. “Carlos you’re wounds I’m worried about you, we have to do something about them but what?” I was giving him a worried loving face that he couldn’t ignore. “Well I need blood to help me heal but they’re just kids I couldn’t do it.” He was on the brink of tears but he was also very hungry. “Ok, Carlos take some of my blood if that will help then good I can’t have you dying on me.” I moved my hair off of my neck as I tilted it to one side so he could get to it faster. He started to caress my neck again with his lips only this time. Then I felt a sharp pain and he had inserted his fangs into my neck. I was a vampire too so to me it was like ecstasy and pleasure. He went on for a few more minutes and then he withdrew his fangs slowly and just lifted his head to look me in the eyes. He then took me by the waist and pulled me close to him so close to kiss him. As his lips connected with mine we entered a state we never seen before. Next thing we knew we were seeing images of each other’s memories and joys in life. We were seeing the same thing from a certain point of view at least. What’s going on Carlos where are we? What is this and is that you as a child? He didn’t respond he just flipped through my memories like it was some kind of picture book. “Lexi and Carlos, Wake up and stop lying around in the darn grass you guys act like animals!" It was Alondra she was screeching the air out of her lungs to wake us out of this state. “What happed? How did we get here?” Carlos responded with a confused expression. “I don’t know but you guys were lip locked, anyway, come on the camp counselor is looking for you two let’s go.” Alondra seemed like she was becoming an inpatient faerie I thought she was going to explode. We made it back to the camp site only to find the kids and the camp counselor waiting for us. He was accompanied by two supernatural females one of them I recognized right away. It was the lady from the woods was she following me or is it just a coincidence. *HMM maybe not she’s definitely stalking me* *OMG NO WAY THAT’S COOL MY OWN PERSONAL STALKER*  The day was coming close to an end when the camp counselor told us that we had had two extra partners but he forgot to tell us and to pick them up as well. “This is Queen Boss she’s a hybrid, she’s a mixture of shape shifter, vampire, and werewolf. She’s the type to stay independent,” he seemed happy and scared at the same time but I know he loved all the protection he could get. “This is Ashley Smith she’s a fox demon and she has powers that surpass that of a vampire and a werewolf as well as a shape shifter. She the type who doesn’t want help at all and doesn’t really like to talk to other creature’s right along humans but she agreed to do this job for the pay.” He seemed to be losing his cool right along his mind. “Look counselor you don’t have to push yourself so hard to find people for the job, I mean how hard could it be?” Later I’ll probably regret saying that line just like what happens in the movies. * 2 hours later * we were in a hard battle man was I getting thrown around and all Carlos did was worry about me when he was supposed to be fighting. “God, I really wish I hadn’t said that line why did I have to say it?” I felt so stupid at that very moment because everyone froze even the enemy froze to stare for a quick second. “Aha, I mean I have this line stuck in my head that I want to say but I won’t come out…” Gosh I know I sound stupid right nowbut what else can I think of? I felt so out of place at this very moment I became full of so much anger, then something happened. The enemy came charging at full speed I was so out of it I didn’t notice until the last moment but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still mad. I couldn’t see what happened but all of a sudden he started to fly back and he hit the tree trunk. Everyone stood around looking at me as if I had found a new power. I couldn’t answer them because I fainted and lost consciousness. I was having a dream or vision or whatever you want to call it, I saw my father in this dream or vision and he was calling out to me. I asked him who he was and he just laughed and said” how do you not know who your own father is?” I was so shocked to hear it but I didn’t recognize this man at all he looked like me but he was very formal with words. “Ok you got me I know who you are Dad but where have you been, mom really misses you.” I had tears rolling down my face full of sadness it didn’t stop me from talking though. “Dad I really miss you I don’t know anything about my powers I need help. I need you to help me out now I’m so confused.” He looked as if he were in full sorrow and he answered me back with” sweetheart I wish I can but I have been entrapped in this castle outside of Russian territory and I’m monitored 24/7.” He seemed very sad now he seemed so well dead.”Sweetheart if I’m going to help you you have to come and save me, it’s the only way for me to get out.” I didn’t know what to say I was speechless until it came to me. “Wait then how are you talking to me then? If you’re imprisoned outside of Russia and you monitored 24/7?” I came back fast and I mean fast. “Honey I have long distance telepathy and you were the closest person I could feel at the moment, I’ve been trying to reach you for year’s sweetheart.” He was so obviously dead when I came to words and what’s with using sweetheart in every line he says. *GASP* Omg what if he’s like brainwashed or something oh my god that would be so cool but also sad. “Ok dad I’m coming for you just hold on tight I’ll people with me to help me as well, ok?” I hope he takes this well as I think he will if not I’m screwed. “Ok sweetheart but please when you get here do not rush onto the grass when you see me. It’s what they want someone to do when they see a man stranded in the grass. You got that sweetheart you’ll have to tell your little friends that too.” Then he just faded away out of my head and out of my vision. Then my whole head went blank and my unconsciousness became consciousness again I was feeling funny when I woke up.

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