The last wish

Each of us has a deep desire or drowned, but not everyone is able to fulfill. When you find that your life is running out you do anything to fulfill your one last wish. Maybe some want to fly, or to defeat fears, but not in our case. Sophia, a girl from a corner of France wants more. Besides the fact that life was too colorful continue to destroy with every step. The final step is death. In her heart feels discontent, feels like maybe more, that can change their lives in some way. Family and friends have not so can always change their lives. Learning that is diagnosed with a form of cancer that evolved pretty much all she wants is to enter the world, to discover the world like never facuto anyone. Did you manage to find the answers to all the questions addressed to him by life in a few days?


2. Who is He?

Behind every person there is an incomprehensible fear . The desire to travel the world has a perfectly , afraid to try something new. It always breaks my fear . However, if I will not now, then when? Soon to be wiped off the face of the earth and then you'll regret not having the courage to overcome my fear . Be that as it may, I for one am gone tomorrow . I have nothing to lose. All I lost was years before my fear. As I do not have anyone to be with me in good and hard you have to do it alone . Where are the " friends " those who are with you all your life? Probably people who only get better and not worse.                                                                                              *    The first day that I wake up with a smile . For the first time something interesting happens in my life. Even though I know that this journey will kill me even downright 'll die happy. Besides the rest of my life that was always going to happen now bitter good. Or so I hope. Maybe this time and my life is also preparing another hand corner hidden behind happiness. It would not be the first time they play with me. It makes me think that everything will be fine , but will not be that . Just do not understand why things happen to me like that. Since I was born , my mother just died at birth . Not good I buried my mother because my father died over some time. I came to the orphanage where I was mocking all . As I reached the age of 10 I was adopted by a family , just the other side of Europe. That family was happy I could get rich but unexplained calamity happened . A car came from the opposite direction and intentionally gave us. When police looked in the other car did not find anyone and no fingerprints or other clues that might explain what really happened . Not today not solved this case . In that day I returned back to my home country , specifically near the town of La Madeleine .    After I recovered from the shock that I was sent an old lady who said she was my grandmother. From here for 5 years everything was fine until my grandmother fell in bed. It resisted any month as he died . Before he died he left the house inherited some money so I somehow managed to hang around for a few months. Eventually I was forced to move in Lambersart just because the house was to be demolished. I am committed to take care of an old lady just until I finish high school. Even towards the end of class XII old woman was killed after a robbery as police said . I wanted to stay in the apartment only until after I finish high school and then hired me to support myself . But it was not to be so I never got to finish high school because I was kicked out of the apartment like a dog that old . Eventually I joined as a waiter at a fancy restaurant that I have received since I had hardly completed 12 grades . I stood on its own feet and now after a few days I learned that are diagnosed with a form of cancer which makes me live for a few days.                                                                                        *    While doing my luggage Ell enter the door making me wince . As always asks me where I'm going to go. After banal conversation that I had with Ell , do not know how but I let her come with me . As I look through the photo album I noticed something unusual. In each of the pictures you well done I see a man who was hiding in the shadows . Either that was a coincidence , or just have a connection with everything happening to me . I searched for some information on the internet about the accident that day and even was there. It was everywhere . Where there was evil Beds and Him. All I want is just to leave me alone. I just hope to finish all of this as quickly and get out of here . As I see even the universe is against me. Miraculously it was already night . The journey moves tomorrow as shown . I went to check on Ell and I watched her sleeping so quiet , like a little child . I headed toward my room quietly so as not to wake her . As I walked in the door I fell into bed . I spent a few minutes thinking about where I go first . So many places to visit and so little time. The only city that kept ringing in my head was Paris. Since I 've never been to France to see the Eiffel Tower . First stop is set , I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower soon . How cool water flowing dripping on my body causing my chill , I felt a strange touch on my hips , and then some cold kisses on the neck . Those kisses really made ​​me feel good in a weird way . When I opened my eyes I noticed that the source of my pleasures was just him standing just a few steps from me . I pushed in the wall and saw it coming more and more. I cramped up eyes and when I opened them was not there . As if it was not . I quickly came out of the bathroom because I felt an unexplainable fear . How I saw one I breathed a sigh of relief . I could pretend it was just a dream, it was all in my head but it was not and I knew it. All hope is not to have any nightmare. I have dry hair and I put in the bed , that I was before noticing a black rose sat on the pillow and a note that said : " Sorry if I scared somehow . Really did not want that. I just for you to be happy. wait to see you. Sincerely , yours Demon . PS: I promise I'll meet you soon. " . Now I learned that there really is not just in my head. This time I'm more afraid than a few minutes ago so I jumped into bed and I made ​​when I was little , I hid under the covers until I fell asleep.
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