The last wish

Each of us has a deep desire or drowned, but not everyone is able to fulfill. When you find that your life is running out you do anything to fulfill your one last wish. Maybe some want to fly, or to defeat fears, but not in our case. Sophia, a girl from a corner of France wants more. Besides the fact that life was too colorful continue to destroy with every step. The final step is death. In her heart feels discontent, feels like maybe more, that can change their lives in some way. Family and friends have not so can always change their lives. Learning that is diagnosed with a form of cancer that evolved pretty much all she wants is to enter the world, to discover the world like never facuto anyone. Did you manage to find the answers to all the questions addressed to him by life in a few days?


1. Introducer

It is said that life is pink, but not in my case. All I received were life blows over bumps. All persons who were once with me left me at the first stop. The only thing that helps me is ambition, not die so easily. I want to show the world that can get up to all that the universe is against me. I never gave up and in any case I will not now. I want to see the world with different eyes. To know fully, learn all the secrets to them until it is too late. I have only one burning desire inside me until I let go. I do not have much so I'll do my best to meet until it is too late.
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