Freddy Kruegar is Back

This is just a random story i created. It was supposed to be like a play sort of, so ignore the name then dashes because that was who the people played and/or said. I got bored and wrote it, hope you like it!!!


4. where am i?

Gracy fainted. ohh noo! thats bad! 1: in the bet, she was told NOT to sleep 2: she has nothing to protect herself 3: Freddy kills his victoms in their sleep when in her dreams, she wound up in an abbandoned lane with the bad electricity. she was cold as it was dark and foggy. Heather- " huh? whe,whe, where am I? what is this place? how did I get here? " Gracy heard weird noises. like a growling, shattering, crackily, sound. somehow she recognizes it though she cant put a name on it. Heather- hello? is there anyone who could help me home? huh? " she saw her sister, Alex. Vanessa- " Gracy!!! " ( hug her and pause camera, put water near eyes for effect, start camera ) Heather- " oh my god, I thought I lost you forever! " as turn out, Alex was sitting right beside " sleeping Gracy " in the real world. Alex was whispering to her aloud and waiting for her to start screaming. meanwhile now, in dreamland, Gracy was hearing the noise again, except deeper this time. she saw a blackish,silver face with a weathered out mask and brown hat. she couldn't tell who it was because of the dark alley and the dusky shadows. Heather- " ahh " Gracy dissapeared and woke up. Heather- " am I home? " Vanessa- " yep, and you lost the bet! $20 bucks please! Heather- " ohh, fine, here. Vanessa- " thank you! so now they were on their way, as sisters,obviosly they make more stupid bets over and over. every time Alex won. thats the life of family relatives.
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