Freddy Kruegar is Back

This is just a random story i created. It was supposed to be like a play sort of, so ignore the name then dashes because that was who the people played and/or said. I got bored and wrote it, hope you like it!!!


3. tap and slam

Heather- " ghost? theres is no ghost. and if there were, there would be more than one!(cross arms and close eyes)
Vanessa- " I  beleive your wrong on this one. only on special nights like tonight he comes. "
Heather-  " who is 'he', is he the suposed ghost your talking about "
Vanessa- " yep, and he is the worst  thing you can possibly dream of. "
Heather- " are you talking about Freddy Kruegar, thats only a movie, or more than one movie. you know what i mean. "
Vanessa- " nope, he's real all right. but thats why I 'm going to bed now so I wake up before 12:00 just in case he alters my dreams.
thats how he kills, you know in your dreams. if you die in your dreams, your self-cautions thinks you died in real life, so you do.
Heather- " well I know that, it's just.... "
Vanessa- " just what, you gettin scared!?
Heather-  " nooo, I 'm not. cant you ever be nice for a change? "
Vanessa- " have you ever smelt an elephants butt? "
                                                                                                           " SILENCE "
Vanessa-  " no, no I can't. not to you anyways. "
Heather-  " heeyy, meany head, diper face. "
Vanessa- " whatever, goodnight, sweet dreams. hee hee heeee! "
Heather-  ( while tugging on hair) " ahhh! sisters, they tear you apart! "
                                                  Alex walkes to her room. Gracy lays down and deeply breathes in and out. she starts to sweat as she 
imagines what horrors lie in her house. suddenly she heard a light and gentle tap in the hallway.
Heather- " huh? who's there. "
                                                       she still hears tapping but it gets louder and faster. now, she's getting frightened. Gracy assumes the 
ghost is upon her.
Heather- " hello? is this some kind of joke or something? "
                                                             now, instead of  tapping, she hears car doors slaming shut even though she lives in the country and 
the only transportation is by horse or tractor. shes so scared now that her face is really red. her face is so red that she looks like she
is constapated.
Heather- " I dont feel to good. " ( say slowly) 

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