Freddy Kruegar is Back

This is just a random story i created. It was supposed to be like a play sort of, so ignore the name then dashes because that was who the people played and/or said. I got bored and wrote it, hope you like it!!!


2. ghost?

Heather- " ghost? there's is no ghost. and if there were, there would be more than one!(cross arms and close eyes) Vanessa- " I believe your wrong on this one. only on special nights like tonight he comes. " Heather- " who is 'he', is he the supossed ghost your talking about " Vanessa- " yep, and he is the worst thing you can possibly dream of. " Heather- " are you talking about Freddy Kruegar, that's only a movie, or more than one movie. you know what i mean. " Vanessa- " nope, he's real all right. but thats why I 'm going to bed now so I wake up before 12:00 just in case he alters my dreams. that's how he kills, you know in your dreams. if you die in your dreams, your self-cautions thinks you died in real life, so you do. Heather- " well I know that, it's just.... " Vanessa- " just what, you getting scared!?
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