In The End

Ever Wonder What Would Happen To You If You Were The Only Person Left Alive? In the world of humans that is, you wouldbe prey to all without other inhabitants like you. The only thing you can do is fight for you're life and hope you live to see another day.


1. When I first fell for a vampire

Ever Wonder What Would Happen To You If You Were The Only Person Left Alive? In the world of humans that is, you would be prey to all without other inhabitants like you. The only thing you can do is fight for you're life and hope you live to see another day.


Hi, I'm Lyanna Nightshadow  the girl from the human world and i'm fighting for my life.
Since everyone died from the apocalypse of the night creatures my life has become a living hell.
without other people to die for me it's like the world is a desolate place ,but that's exactly what it is too.
How could this have happened this way, well the night creatures got sick of being exciled to the dark of the world.
So they decided to team together and fight the humans and claim seperate parts of the world.
So the vampires got my part of the world the Americas only if i live in china i'd be with the witches which is better than being eaten alive.
I goout in the day time because i'll be safe they don't like sunlight but i do and that's good enough for me.
But at night my life is really on the line of disaster, but honestly I like doing this stuff at night because it tests my skills. It's been a few nights since I last left my place for some fresh air. Tonight's the night I go back into the night to look for other inhabitants that may be alive. The darkness is pretty good to hide in but not when vampires run my part of the world. I'm all alone in the dark, now I can hear footsteps behind me and i'm getting scared. Maybe tonight is the night i should have stayed in instead of going out, now the steps were getting louder. I was picking up my pace, only to find myself being tackled down onto my back. "Who are you, what do you want from me?" I asked in my fake innocent puppy voice. "Your blood is what I want and you to be mine for eternity." My eyes widened at the thought of ever letting one of these bloodsuckers get to me. The next thing i knew the vampire on top of me was being pulled back and then i was helped up with cold hands. "Aren't you supposed to hide from our kind instead of exposing yourself to us?" He had a seductive and lust- pulling voice that i couldn't resist. Standing there half dazed I think he knew i was human yet he saved me regardless of the conditions that are at stake. For some reason i couldn't resist anymore and i forced myself into his arms only to be pushed back onto the ground.  *EPIC FAIL* Well, didn't turn out how i thought it would but ehh, just my luck. "Don't push your luck, i'm not partically that human friendly. Considering that your the only human being left it's very tempting to eat you." Now he put a seductive grin across his face along with his seductive voice it felt like I was about to have a meltdown. "Please don't eat me, i'm not very tasty i mean i'm small and scrawny i don't think you'd be very satisfied by me at all. He Just laughed at what i said and he looked at me with killer, yet seductive eyes. Just looking at him sends chills down my very spine and i can't resist his good looks but dangerous. "Are you there umm....?" He was gesturing for my name but i was so lost in the beauty in his face. "Lyanna Nightshadow is my name thanks for asking umm what's your name?" I couldn't help but laugh at the expression over his face, he looked confused yet happy. "My name's Lyle i'm the vampire prince and i'm very hungry." *GULP* "hahaha you're so tense i'm just kidding with you i'm on a strict diet of animals only, and you're not an animal." *sigh of relief* " So what do you do for fun around this half desolate place?" He just looked at me with hunger in his eyes, it was totally scary; creepy if you ask me. "he he, your scaring the hell out of me stop staring like that please." I exclaimed in fear and disgust in my voice he was s till staring though. He started moving closer, and then his lips were on my neck. I could fell his breath over my veins and i admit it felt good. All of a sudden i felt a sharp pain in my neck and blood was dripping down my neck. It felt good but it also hurt like hell, but he was warm and gentle when he extracted my blood i guess i kind of liked it. I let out  a quiet moan and just started to feel weak like my body was about to quit on me. I started wrapping my arms around his neck and he let me, he actually let me do it. He slowly pulled his fangs away " am I hurting you?" I slowly begun nodding no but my body yearned for him, his heat, and his fangs. "Not to sound horny or repulsive but that actually felt good, in a weird but sexy way, oh god I probably sound like a masochist." He was definently looking at me, but with that same seductive look and he was looking me up and down. He started moving closer again and then he grabbed my waist like a boyfriend does his girlfriend. He slowly moved his lips onto mine, then he moved them down to my neck again this time he just kissed it. Then he pulled my shirt open and just stared at them like a little kid staring at ice cream for the first time. "What's wrong, are they too small to be honest I know they are." Total lie I was an E-cup in bras but nothing he knows about as far as I'm concerned. He unloosened my bra and my boobs just bounced out and were wide out in the open.  I started to blush and then wrapped my arms around my boobs to cover them so he couldn't see them. He just laughed and moved them then he started to lick my nipples and I let out a childlike moan of pleasure and started blushing. He licked them more then he began to pinch them and I totally gave in I fell to my knees, but he fell with me. He started moving his hand near my vagina and I began to moan louder and he started to rub the clit. He started to lick my breast again this time giving them a little nibble, he did all this while rubbing my vagina. Then my instincts kicked in and man was I  like a beast I ripped his shirt open and started licking his chest. He let out a quick moan which revealed his fangs for a quick second  I just let out another moan because he bit my nipple a little harder. I started to unzip his pants and  then reached inside and I couldn't believe what I was feeling it was like a large penis i thought i couldn't handle it. But I pulled it out and started rubbing it while he was rubbing my clit and we both moaned in unison. Then he picked me up and put my back against the brick wall and we kissed fiercely god it was like heaven. Then he started to move his penis along the lines of my vagina lines then I began to moan again.  He finally inserted his penis into my vagina  and I let out a moan that was louder than the others and he just kept going. He moved me up and down slowly while he just went in and out  and i really liked it." Oh.....god....... Lyle......., I...... can't......take...... anymore..... this.... feels.... too .....good.... uhh"  I could hardly finish my sentence and he just kissed me I guess it was because I was moaning too loud this time. Finally we both climaxed at the same time and we once again moaned in unison god it was like sex on hardwood floor. He put me down gently I was shocked so I backed away and he just looked confused I started turn in the opposite direction when I realized what just happened. We had hardcore sex with no distraction it was too perfect, which to me was almost too suspicious. "Lyle are there any female vampires in your group at all, or is it just all guys I'm curious.?" He just stared at me blankly and then he kissed me without hesitation and that's when I saw it. His memories were becoming my own as mine were becoming his and just like that we sat for 2 hours.
I was falling Hard, and I mean in love with him i didn't know how to explain it.
© Copyrighted 2013
In The End It Was True... I Did Love Her Even Though She Was Human.....Even Though It Was Forbidden For Me.....I Broke All The Rules....Now I Have Paid The Price....I ♥ U Lyanna Nightshadow.....Won't Ever Forget You And What You;ve Done For Me....I Now Live With Sorrow....Forever Yours ~Lyle The Vampire Prince~

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