In The End

Ever Wonder What Would Happen To You If You Were The Only Person Left Alive? In the world of humans that is, you wouldbe prey to all without other inhabitants like you. The only thing you can do is fight for you're life and hope you live to see another day.


3. Not Alone

After that night i decided to stay in for a few nights mainly because knowing i got my hump on with a vampire. A normal girl like my sister never would have done this kind of thing. Since i know what the consequences may be i think it's best to just keep my distance from lyle right now he seemed a little seductive. *Two weeks later* It was too dark outside and I couldn't see a thing, suddenly I felt a body brush against mine. "Hiding from are you my little sexy lady?" What the hell did he just call me , I mean yeah I'm short but I'm not that little. He kissed me without hesitation and I didn't fight it he then engulfed me into his arms. He then scoops me up and he flies me over the river and into the woods with me still in his arms. He laid me down in the grass, gently on my back, and then he slowly slid his hand down my leg towards my pants buckle. After sliding my pants off he started to rub on my clit and once again I let out a childish moan. I don't know what it is but it only feels right when he touches me there and I won't deny it either. Then once again my instincts kicked in and I reached for his pants and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down with a lot of force. Something about me has changed ever since I met Lyle and I like it what the hell I love it I fucking love it. The gentleness turned into the fierce replay of our first time and it felt good as usual. He inserted his dick into my vagina and started moving in and out so hard and it felt so good I couldn't take it anymore. " Lyle.... You're .....So......ahhhh.......hard......uhhhh......god.....this...feels good!" He just lifted me up to where I was facing him and he was facing me and it just made his dick go deeper inside me and it was throbbing. He started kissing my neck again and he had that same seductive yet hungry look on his face. He inserted his fangs into my neck while I just sat there and moaned quietly then he started moving his dick again and this time it went a lot deeper. I started to feel hot inside this was a new feeling for me so I assumed something was wrong me right off the bat. Then his twitching became like a seizure and it was out of control and my pussy was really beginning to feel it. Finally I came and so did he that was our second time having sex together and it feels like we're in a relationship but he kinda despises humans if I recall that right. "Lyanna I feel like myself around you and I feel like I can tell you anything and that hard for me in some cases you know." I guess I kinda know where he was coming from but he was telling me a human at that. "Yes Lyle I understand where you are coming from and I feel the exact same way when it comes to you I was just to afraid to tell you that's all." He just nodded and then leaned in to kiss me and I did the same when we both heard a retched high pitched scream. We ran to see where it came from and found a whole vampire clan and one human girl and to my surprise she looked very familiar. It was my sister I thought she was dead I thought they ate her ass alive already I guess I was really wrong cause she can sort of fight. "Lyanna! Is that you my dear little sister!" Oh god what happened to her over the time we were totally seperated. "Hey Samantha long time no see sis how you been since well you know." Her eyes widened as she looked at Lyle and she looked back at me with a sign of dissappointment. "Lyanna don't tell me your friends or even talk to this guy, if so i don't know what to say to you at this point in time." She was still the bratty teenage older sister you expect to hear that from god she is such a pain. "Samantha i've had some relations with him i mean sexual relations with him so hate me if you want but i love him."Lyle started to back away and he looked like a deer caught in headlights. He looked at me and shook his head in disapproval and i stood dumbfounded.

© Copyrighted 2013




In The End It Was True... I Did Love Her Even Though She Was Human.....Even Though It Was Forbidden For Me.....I Broke All The Rules....Now I Have Paid The Price....I ♥ U Lyanna Nightshadow.....Won't Ever Forget You And What You;ve Done For Me....I Now Live With Sorrow....Forever Yours ~Lyle The Vampire Prince~

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