In The End

Ever Wonder What Would Happen To You If You Were The Only Person Left Alive? In the world of humans that is, you wouldbe prey to all without other inhabitants like you. The only thing you can do is fight for you're life and hope you live to see another day.


4. I can't believe it!

Did Lyle actually just back away from me at the hearing of my words? So I was just his toy for amusement I can't believe I even let him touch me. The first time was rape and the second time well I volunteered for that. God i'm so freaking stupid and to think that I gained feelings for him. "Lyanna, are you okay you didn't really touch him did you?" Samantha was now asking in a worried yet angry tone that made me wince at the words. I burst out into tears and fell into Samantha's arms feeling sorry for myself. "Samantha, I'm so sorry I did it with him twice and I have feelings for him but..but he doesn't feel the same way." I was balling my eyes out and snot was falling everywhere. "It's okay Lyanna, just forget about him he's an asshole if he rejects you." Samantha always knows just what to say to make me feel better at any point in time. "Thanks sis, you always know just how to cheer me up and I love you thanks for being there for me." She was staring awfully hard at my neck though and I was just looking at her facial expression that went from concern to total shock. " Lyanna what are those marks on your neck he didn't bite you did he." Shit I forgot about those marks and I thought she wouldn't notice it. "Well I ended up letting him bite me while we made love to each other?" It was more in a form of  a question instead of an answer. "Leanna what the hell and what if you turn what then your gonna become his little princess?!" She was furious you could hear it in her voice and I flinched back as she raised her hand to hit me. I fell to the ground with an awful pain in my face I looked up at her terrified. My eyes started to tear up and she looked guilty I turned away from her and took off into a sprint. I tripped over a log and hit my head on something hard blanking my vision. I woke up to find myself in the alley I met Lyle in but I was tied up and when I looked up I saw something that broke my heart. Lyle and my sister Samantha were grinding each other Samantha with screams of pleasure and Lyle's teeth in her neck as he drank. I began to cry and looked away then tried to stand up only to have myself fall back over. "Lyanna my dear little sister you shouldn't have done this. Me and Lyle have been seeing each other before he even met you he played you." I looked towards Lyle a hurt and pained expression on my face. He looked at me and smirked and mouthed "I warned you". I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I let out a ear piercing scream that made Lyle cover his ears. More pains were felt all over my body until I was in a puddle of my own blood. I soon blacked out and felt myself be carried somewhere I couldn't see. "You deserve better you should have taken my offer before you met the prince."  The voice was the voice from when I was attacked before I met Lyle. I slowly opened my eyes to a boy with ginger colored hair and beautiful gold eyes. "Where am I, what happened, who are you?" He suddenly crashed his lips to mine and I kissed him back?! He slowly moved towards my neck kissing it and began leaving love bites. I moaned softly and he removed my shirt as I removed his and he had a six-pack. I bit my lip as I stared at his chest and my face became red as I noticed he saw me staring. "It's okay to stare it's something to look at I could stare at your chest too if I chose to." I lifted myself up onto his lap so that I was straddling him and he kissed me gently. "I still don't know your name but I'm Lyanna." He nodded and layed me on my back so that I was still straddling him but he was on top. "I'm Kane, I've had eyes for you since I saw you in the alley." I quickly thought about it and nodded putting my head in the crook of his neck and his head in mine. "I'd rather be treated right and loved then lied to and played." He hugged me to his body and slowly sunk his fangs into my shoulder I let out a moan of pleasure. As I felt the blood flow into him I felt my body get hot and it was asking for him. As he pulled away I crashed my lips on his and he kissed me back with rough passion. A growl escaped my lips and he smirked into the kiss. He unbuckled my bra and began to caress my body in ways Lyle never did. I felt like I was being taken to hell and back with Kane and it felt good. "Kane, I want you to make me y-yours I won't resist you." He lifted his head from my chest and looked at me face serious and sincere. "Lyanna, are you sure you don't wanna rethink that?" I nodded and he slowly caressed my body making me arch my back. As he made his way down he slowly kissed my thighs and gently rubbed my clit. "K-Kane, I can't..." He slowly lifted his head and unbuckled his pants revealing his hard on. He slowly made his way in which made me arch my back in pleasure. He kissed me gently and I began to moan louder than I did with Lyle. He started thrusting into me with list but it felt good. He lifted me so that I was now facing him while he went deeper and harder. He was way bigger than Lyle and it began to hurt but I ignored it. "Lyanna brace yourself it's about to bet a lot more hot for you. He bit his wrist and put it to my lips and I began to suck on it gently. After I was done a few seconds later I started to feel different my body got hot and I suddenly wanted more of Kane. "Aah...Kane...More...I...Want...More" He looked at me then began to thrust harder and faster certainly something Lyle never would have done. "I know what you want Lyanna and I'm gonna give it to you all of it." I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his head in between my breast. We climaxed at the same time and he rubbed my hair and put my head in the crook of his neck. We layer back and he wrapped his arm around my waist and I layed my head on his chest and fell asleep like that. I love the way he makes me feel and I'm happy with him but why do I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

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