In The End

Ever Wonder What Would Happen To You If You Were The Only Person Left Alive? In the world of humans that is, you wouldbe prey to all without other inhabitants like you. The only thing you can do is fight for you're life and hope you live to see another day.


2. Characters so far

tumblr_m37wo0Dwec1qg02bao1_500 - Lyanna Nightshadow
tumblr_mgzyprEsOL1rls7gwo1_500 - Lyle the Vampire Prince 
girls-hairstyles-36- Serenity
tumblr_mi5vat8PJG1ra40y0o1_500 - Harmony, Lyle's sister - Dria 
girls-straight-up-hustler--large-prf-1227742409- Lia


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In The End It Was True... I Did Love Her Even Though She Was Human.....Even Though It Was Forbidden For Me.....I Broke All The Rules....Now I Have Paid The Price....I ♥ U Lyanna Nightshadow.....Won't Ever Forget You And What You;ve Done For Me....I Now Live With Sorrow....Forever Yours ~Lyle The Vampire Prince~

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