When three words just simply aren't enough

Harry Has Moved From His Beloved Home To America And He Has A Little Trouble Because Of His Accent But One Girl Will Stand Out From The Rest To Help Him Through And They Become The Closest They've Ever Been To Anyone.
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2. The New Boy

-Kat's POV-
I felt my dads car violently take a stop, the tires screetched. "Dad, do you have to do that?" I asked, opening my eyes. He looked at me and looked away, forcing his attention back onto the school parking lot. I groaned. Well then.

"Have a good day," He smiled. I returned the smile and got out, rolling my eyes. It felt like now-a-days he was more busy with work than his own daughter. I grabbed my things and walked into the big school building, walking to my locker. 

 I greeted all my friends and then put all my stuff into my locker. Groaning, I looked at my schedule. "Science," I muttered, begining to take out all of the things I needed.

I walked to my first class and took my natural seat in the back, sitting next to my friends. Jasmine and Chloe, and Zoe. I plopped down onto my seat and watched their already intense conversation about something I could probably care less about anyway.

Looking up at the clock I saw it was only 9:45, meaning we have about 15 minutes before the teacher came in. Cool.

"I'm just saying, Justin is the cutest." I heard Zoe say. Chloe and Jasmine scoffed. "NO! Edward is!" They said at the same time, then glaring at each other. I laughed quietly and focused my attention up front, someone walked in. My attention was immeditatly thrown out of the conversation and turned to the cute curly haired boy walk in shyly.

HIs eyes met mine in a gaze and the rooms attention was on us. He dropped his books, and his face was flushed. I rushed over after seeing his face full of embarassment. The class laughed at him. "Stop it!" I hissed. Everyone looked a little surprised, especially Chloe, Zoe, and Jasmine. I turned towards them and they looked away, after winking.

"I'm sorry about the class, they can be tough sometimes." I said, he smiled, "I'm Kat, and those are my friends who were looking at us." I blushed a bit when he looked at me, he looked down and silently sat at a table alone. I rushed over to my friends who were now intesnly looking at me.

"You like the new kid?" They all asked with disgust in their voices. "Yeah and so what if i do your not me so get off my jock." Thay all stood with their mouths dropped and then they all rolled their eyes and continued their conversation. I gave a quick smile to the new boy he was handsome but i think I've seen him somewhere before.

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