When three words just simply aren't enough

Harry Has Moved From His Beloved Home To America And He Has A Little Trouble Because Of His Accent But One Girl Will Stand Out From The Rest To Help Him Through And They Become The Closest They've Ever Been To Anyone.
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1. Le Big Switch

-Harry's POV-
I couldn't believe I have to move away from my best buds. I will have to to bear with it though because I'm sure ill be fine.  While I'm on the plane I should try to think about what school in America is like. Everything should be fine I mean I am a normal teenager like everyone else. Well aside form the fact that I'm in a all boys band I consider myself normal. I wonder if I will find a nice girl to settle down with before my high school years are over GOD I hope so. I hope she will be a nice, caring, and generous girl who loves to cuddle like me. "Sir, Sir the plane has stopped and your the only one left on the plane and we don't want you to miss your ride Mr.Handsome." Obviously she was trying to flirt with me i get that alot but this is the first time it was by an older women that's kinda hot. "Thank you miss, and here's a tip for you have a nice day." I kissed her on the cheek and she turned bright bright red out of embarassment  but i thiught it was ok i stepped off the plane and caught a taxi to my apartment. Home sweet home finally i can relax and unwind and i didn't know what way to go so i went in One Direction.(See what i did there huh huh?) "Wow." i said to myself i mean i couldn't help it the apartment was amazing and it was blowing my mind. Well, I guess i should be getting some sleep to be ready for school tomorrow i'm so nervous i think i might choke.

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