When three words just simply aren't enough

Harry Has Moved From His Beloved Home To America And He Has A Little Trouble Because Of His Accent But One Girl Will Stand Out From The Rest To Help Him Through And They Become The Closest They've Ever Been To Anyone.
Story published 9 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 4 pages · 26 readers · 70 reads


5. Introductions part 2

-Harry's POV-

I could of sworn she just said that she liked me. But that was obviously crazy because she just met me. If it is true though I'm bursting inside with happiness. I honestly had to contain my self i'm starting to get just a little bit girly well compared to my bro's. She's just so amazing and she has the most beautiful eyes I can't believe she would like me. I walked to my last hour and sat in my seat and a few minutes later in walked Kat. God she's so beautiful what am I going to say when she talks to me oh gosh here she come don't freak out. "Hi, Harry how your first day going so far?" Her beautiful voice chimmed through my ears it's like angels singing. "I-it's fine, thanks for asking Kat how is your day today?" Your doing great kiddo keep up the good work and you won't look like a complete idiot. I just started laughing to my self like a complete idiot and the class turned to look at me. "It's a inside joke you wouldn't understand." I told the teacher as he nodded and continued with teaching the class. I'm a complete idiot I'm gonna screw this up without even trying.

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