When three words just simply aren't enough

Harry Has Moved From His Beloved Home To America And He Has A Little Trouble Because Of His Accent But One Girl Will Stand Out From The Rest To Help Him Through And They Become The Closest They've Ever Been To Anyone.
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3. Big Big News

-Louis's POV-
"It's been sad without Harry around why did he have to leave?" I was sitting on the couch mopeing like a 5 year old child without his ice cream. "Bro, come on Haz is fine i'm sure of it and soon we'll go and visit him how does that sound?" Zayn just made my day now i'm jumping up and down like a kid who expperirenced his first energy drink. "Oh thank you, thank you , thank you you just made me the happiest boy on earth!" I can still Skype with Harry though i mean that's why we made each other the favorite contacts on our list.

Zayn chuckled at my imaturness. "When?" I asked, being a little more impatient then I expected. He rolled his eyes and looked at Liam, who was probably trying to sit out of the conversation. "Uhm.. Next week we're not busy." Liam said, turning back to his laptop. "NEXT WEEK?!" I screamed, sobbing once again. They looked at me confused. "HARRY'S MY BEST FRIEND I WANT TO SEE HIM NOW." Niall walked downstairs with some sort of food that none of us asked about, sitting on the couch he noticed my tears. He set his food down and immeditatly sprung up and came to my side. "Louis whats wrong?" All of us looked at him. He was blushing. "I mean.. Um. I know Harry's not here anymore but.." I cut him off with my crying.

Liam looked at me a little worried, he got up and sat next to me. "Fine." I said, getting up, walking to my bedroom and locking the door. I got out some clothes and literally stuffed them in a bag carelessly. If they were going to wait a week to see Harry, then I wasn't. Harry's my best friend, I'm not waiting. I'm going to America.

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