Dean and Sam investigate a job in Iowa but the monster they'll face is a little out of this world....


2. The Thin Man

They arrived at the house around 11 o'clock, they would of been there sooner of course if Sam hadn't needed the toilet on the way. Dean, seizing the opportunity decided to grab a bite to eat, which wouldn't of taken so long to eat if it were a normal sized snack, but in this case we are taking about Dean size which involved: 3 triple cheese burgers, a extra large bag of fries and a large diet coke. Dean was watching his waist line. But of course Dean cared enough to get Sam a burger too, but of course he only ate the salad, tomatoes and a couple of seeds off the top of the bun. "So" Dean said without looking up from his second burger, this one contained bacon, so it instantly became his favourite "You thought of your agent name yet?"  Sam turned is face away from the window to look at Dean. "What?" He said with a rise of an eyebrow. " I was thinking I could be Agent Potter and you could be Agent Weasly." Dean continued and Sam just stared at him."What? " Sam looked down at what remained of his meal and started to take bites at bun he then finally looked at Dean "That's possibly the most stupidest agent name you've ever come up with" "Fine. What would you like to be called Sam?"  " Well I don't know why can't I be agent Winchester and urrrmmm" Sam scanned around the run down fast food joint were they sat in. "You can be Agent McDonald." Dean stared at Sam for a few seconds before shaking his head slowly. "Really Sam? Really?" Sam looked almost hurt by Deans response. "Well it's less obvious then yours Dean." " Well Sammy that's yet to be seen" and with that got up from his sticky seat, brushed himself off and made his way towards the Impala, Sam threw down the bun which he'd been slowly nibbling away at and followed on.

Taking only a single step out of the Impala Dean was instantly hit by the sheer impression the house gave off. On the surface it looked like a normal suburban house, only a small bedroom with a kitchen and living room but it wasn't the physical features of the house  that made Dean's hair stand on end. It was the shadows. It was the way that the sun shone on the building. It was the way that it the shadows played around with the sunlight. It was the way the shadows clung to the building like a spiders web refusing to be burnt away by the sun, almost as if they fought back. "Well this is nice" Sam chirped with mock enthusiasm. "Yeah, alright Captain Obvious, this place is creepy as hell and trust me I've been there and come back to tell the tale, so let's get this done as fast as we can." Came Dean's slightly pained response as the time he spent hell raced through his mind .So the boys strode towards the slightly askew front door which contained at the time a police officer and a strange, pencil thin man, with relatively dark brown tussley hair, who was dressed in a long brown overcoat. The strange man had his back to Dean . Snippets of their conversation drifted towards Dean and Sam. ".... what do you mean this isn't my division? This is most certainly is my division, it is more my division than you probably care to understand" Dean could see the thin man's face tilt towards the right as he said the last of his sentence. " But sir..." Stuttered the police officer in the door, he looked bright eyed and stood straight up, he was obviously new to the job " I still don't see how this is a problem for Scotland yard!" " Well neither do I, but I am not one to disobey direct orders from both the Queen of England and the President of the United States of America." At which point the thin man pulled what looked to Dean like an old, battered, leather wallet form inside his jacket and from simply looking at it Dean knew it was too simplistic to contain a direct order from the Queen and the President but he didn't say a word to the young officer . "Oh I'm terribly sorry sir, if you'd only said something sooner!" And although Dean couldn't see the man he was willing to bet that a smirk was beginning to play a across his face. "Please go in and see what you can find" and so with that the officer moved out of the way to let the man through and immediately turned his attention to Sam and Dean who were almost at the door themselves. The young officer now looked much more tired than he had when Sam and Dean had first arrived. He then looked straight at Dean and said " let me guess you guys were sent by the polish mafia?" The officer smirked at his own joke. " No son we're with the F.B.I." At which point both Sam and Dean pulled out and unfurled their fake badges and the look that fell across the young officers faces would of made Dean burst out, but at that moment he wasn't Dean, he was agent Weasly and so had to act accordingly so he allowed himself a small smile "I'm going to say that you didn't mean to insult a  pair of federal officers so myself and agent..." Dean glanced at Sam who was giving him the disapproving look he gave Dean a lot " Winchester are going to let that one slide, but if this happens again it is a punishable offence which could result in a large fine and the loss of your job and we don't want that now do we?" Dean was looking straight into the young man's eyes as he said all this and once he had finished he raised the left side of his mouth allowing himself a victory smile. "No sir, we don't sir" came the officers stuttered response. " Excellent, so if you could let us through so we can investigate the crime scene that would be great" The officer glanced down at his feet as he moved out the way for Sam and Dean as they entered the heard the officer mutter "sorry" as they left him to reflect on what was probably the worst day of his career. 

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