A girl dream

A girl called Bella had a big dream..Would it come true? #NeverSayNever #BeYourSelf #StayStrong


4. Starting the famous life.

So here's chapter 4..I am sorry that i am really late, i just wanted more views until i write chapter 4. :)



Now, Bella called her mom in phone the conversation was:

Bella: MOM!! I won the contest! I will be a famous singer!

Bella's mom: Oh my god! I can't believe. I am so proud of you baby! -Cries-

                           - I stopped talking to my mom because she cried -

I went back to my sister & the judge (the famous singer). "Let's go now it's late." (Bella's sister said). "Ohh ok, call me tomorrow Bella." (The famous singer said). "Ok, sure bye!" (Bella said). 


(When Bella & her sister are home)

When i entered the home, all i wanted to do is to go to my mom and hug her. I hugged her so hard. "You never made me proud like this before" (Bella's mom said). I smiled so much and hugged her harder and harder. "Baby, you look tired you need to sleep for tomorrow's work" (Bella's mom said). Then i went to my bedroom to sleep..


(Next day morning)

I woke up early because i had to meet the famous singer before the school starts. I prepared myself..

(That was what Bella wore).

I went to the restaurant he told me about. I got him waiting me. I got my set in the same table. The conversation was:

Bella: Hey, good morning.

The famous singer: Same to you. How are you?

Bella: Fine you?

The famous singer: Good. We need to talk about your future. You already have fans, and you will get more and more if we made you a music video.

Bella: Oh that's great.

The famous singer: We will start tomorrow our work in the song's words and about the music and about how the video may look.

Bella: Can i add for what we will create some ideas?

The famous singer: Sure. You may do everything by yourself if you want!

Bella: Ok i agree. Thank you. I think it's late i need to go to school.

The famous singer: Ok, tomorrow we need to meet at 6 pm.

Bella: Okay sure. See ya bye.


I got a taxi to arrive me to school. I got my set and the taxi started moving. So while he was moving, i was thinking how the students will look to me.. 


(At the school)

I entered while everyone is looking at me. Even the teachers. They was acting like i am a new person that is famous. Then some girls told me: "We're so proud of you, we need to be friends now!". I ignored them because they never wanted to be my friend and just because i am famous they all want to be my friends. I would never accept friends who want me for famous. Everyone wanted to be my friend when i became famous. That's why i won't accept.


(When i am home)

"Hey mom i am back" (Bella said). "The lunch is ready, come and eat you look hungry!" (Bella's mom said). "Sure mom i am it was a long day." (Bella said). I talked to my family about what happened with me while we was eating lunch. Then i said to my mom:-

Bella: Mom, tomorrow's night i need to go and meet the famous singer. We will be working in a song.

Bella's mom: Oh sure, but does that may take a long?

Bella: I don't know but yeah it may be.

Bella's mom: Oh take care baby! We'll miss you so much.

Bella: Me too mom


(Next day)

Chapter 5 will be having what will happen with Bella while she is making a song! =) Coming soon when i get "Update" in comments :3 

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