A girl dream

A girl called Bella had a big dream..Would it come true? #NeverSayNever #BeYourSelf #StayStrong


6. Publish the song.

(Day 4)

"It's time to publish the song" (Bella said). I woke up really early to prepare myself very well, because we are making a party and i'll meet my family. This time i was really confused, i don't find something that is really good to wear for this special day! 

Suddenly someone knocked the door. I said "come in". The famous singer entered and told me: " Aren't you going to change your clothes before it's late? We need to be really ready today." I told him: "I know, but i don't find a great dress to wear." Then he looked at my closet and picked a dress and said "Are you serious?! You have amazing outfits, here i choose this dress for you." I smiled and told him "Haha, thanks it is good i didn't see it before lol!" ...

(That was what Bella wore).

After i prepared myself, i went to the place me, the famous singer and the directors gather in. Until we're finally ready to go to the party, the limozin car arrived to us. 

When we arrived to the party's place which we will make party on and also we will publish the song on, i entered there and got my set and i was waiting to my family to arrive, because i miss them so much. When my family arrived i ran to hug them all. "I miss you so much my babe." (Bella's mom said) "I miss you more mom!" (Bella said). "Hey queen, i am so excited to hear the song, i am sure it is perfect!" (Bella's sister said). "Haha, yeah it is...It is." (Bella said) 


(Skipping what happened until it's time to publish the song) xD

All people were counting down from 10 to 0 in one voice, when they're done the song got publish and everybody clamped and the directors opened the song so everybody on the party may hear it and see the music video in a big screen. It was the best day for me! 


And here is Bella's story is done while now she is loved by millions fans, and so famous, also making new songs and albums. Here we can see Bella's dream fruition. This story teaches everyone to not give up in their dream, and by only one support may make everything come true.

#Never Give Up In Your Dream





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