A girl dream

A girl called Bella had a big dream..Would it come true? #NeverSayNever #BeYourSelf #StayStrong


2. First day of school.

I woke up at 7 am. Its morning! I need to prepare myself for the first day of school. 

"Bella washed her face and wore her clothes and went to the kitchen"

That was what Bella wore..


... "Hey mom"  ( Bella Said) 

"Good morning sweetie, i cooked some cookies for the breakfast" (Bella's mom said)

" I was eating them and when i ate the first cookie i smiled at mom and said for her: Wow how 


When i finished eating..And my mom was ready to arrive me by car to school:

"Let's go mom" (Bella said) While i was saying it i was riding the car.. And finally mom entered the car.. She started talking to me saying: "What do you feel babe for the first day of school?" I answered: "Nothing new" ... Bella's mom said in shock: "Nothing new?! How?! Aren't you going to meet your friends?!"  Then i said amazement "Mom you know right that no one likes me and i don't have friends! I am in this school living the way with myself" My mom said while she was feeling sad for me: "Oh my babe, i feel you." And then we stopped talking till we arrived to school..

"Goodbye mom see ya" (Bella said)

"Bye babe, have a nice time!" (Bella's mom said)


And now i entered school and saw all the girls and boys i knew..They were looking at me and i am looking at them like it's first time we meet..Till finally a girl was in the same grade told me: "Hey you ugly girl that sounded bad" And everyone laughed at me, but i smiled at their face but inside i was so freaking broken because i didn't want to show anyone what i feel inside... Then i went to the school's park sitting with myself thinking on the bench also waiting the school day to start. I listened to some music from my phone to forget what happened..Till the school day started and i went to my new class, and got my set. While i was sitting girls was laughing at my back and bullying on me, but i did not even care for them. I was thinking of something so hard until the teacher came and yelled at me. That was really horrible! All the class started laughing at me so hard. All that's and i didn't care.. The conversation was: "Hey you! Why you're not listening to me while  i am teaching?!" (The teacher said) "I am sorry" (Bella said) "Please next time listen to me or you're going to be out!" (The teacher said) "Okay miss" (Bella said). And then was the class so quiet just because they are scary from what happened. Till the teacher is out and they started saying to me: "Omg you're just a joke! HAHA" (A girl said) And i got more like it while this time..But all i did is ignoring them like nothing happened. Finally it was the break time, i knew that girls will annoy me so i went so far from them sitting on a bench with myself as always..Eating lunch and listening to music that would support me. half hour later... We went to the history class, i was sitting alone that's for sure because nobody would like to sit next to me. And until we finished all the classes and all the bullying on me time, my mom came to take me home.. (Well i am too lazy to write all what happened in the school lol xD). While i am riding the car i said "Hey mom, i missed you." 

"Aw i miss you too, how was your day?" (Bella's mom said) "Just getting bullied as always" (Bella said). My mom took a breathe and stopped talking and did drive until we are home. I went to my room to change my clothes and my mom changed her clothes and went to the kitchen to cook lunch.


Until my mom finish cooking i went to open my laptop and check what is new. While i am opening youtube i found some people who are making covers for songs that became famous of it. I loved the idea and thinked to make a videos of me singing covers, but i am sure that would not help me to be famous anymore people wouldn't notice..I was thinking about a great idea for it to make people love to see my videos and have more views to became a famous!



What do you think Bella's idea will be? Chapter 3 is having the answer! COMING SOON ♥ !







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