A girl dream

A girl called Bella had a big dream..Would it come true? #NeverSayNever #BeYourSelf #StayStrong


5. Creating a song.

Today is a special day, also it will be a long and hard day. But i am sure there gonna be some fun. I woke up early to prepare myself as every time. 

That was what Bella wore.

I took a taxi and went to the studio, It was 9:30 am. I met the famous singer that will help me doing my song. "Good morning, we wanna start making the song's words and which kind of music for it, also the name of the song we'll create." (The famous singer said). "Well yeah..I wanted to make a surprise for my sister which really helped me, and i have ideas for that!." (Bella said). "Sure we want your ideas" (The famous singer said). Then the famous singer gave me papers and told me here we gonna write some words from the song we'll create. I took it and wrote the name of the song which is " A girl dream ", i wanted that song to be talking about me, and about my dream and how i got it. There also will be a part talking about "Don't give up in your dream" as my sister told me before. That would be her surprise. I started writing some words on the paper for the song. The famous singer and the directors also. They were amazed. They loved the words i wrote. Then the famous singer said "You also have great ideas! You can be a song writer!" I just smiled then completed writing words for the song. When i finished all i have the song creator started reading it and thinking about ordering it and choosing a good music for it. We spent a lot of time working hard on that. After we chose the music i singed with and etc.. The song creator told me the voice i should do and etc..It was a long day! We took a rest and paid some food and ate it. Then we completed creating the song. We are working really hard to make a great results and finish really fast and share it to the world...

After some hours my mom made a phone call she was so worry, i told her everything is okay and that i miss her so much. 


(Day 2 creating the song)

I woke up late because i slept late last night because the hard work. It was time to eat the breakfast. When we finished eating i went to prepare myself and to change my clothes.

That was what Bella wore.

Then i went to the studio to work.. We started working in the song more and more until we get the good results. That took so much time until night. We took a rest and ate dinner. I didn't eat lunch because the hard work.. Then the famous singer said while we were eating dinner: "It's time to work on the music video." And when we finished eating.. We started making some ideas for the music video. We spent all the night thinking about it so we'll pursuance it at morning. 


(Day 3 creating the song)

As every time.. I ate lunch and prepared myself then went to the studio.

That was what Bella wore.

We started working in the music video as we made plan for it last night. We was thinking about the dress, the place, the moves and the dances. Then we took a rest as every time eating lunch. Then we started working back. We spent all the day working on it until 3 am we finished everything after a hard work without a rest. "We worked so hard to make a perfect music video! We had a perfect time. Tomorrow we will start editing it and sharing it in the world!" (The famous singer said) "Yeah we had a great time and we worked hard but we were joining each other in everything we did really good!" (Bella said) Then we all hugged each other in one hug...


(Day 4 sharing the music video)

The complete will be really soon in chapter 6! =)

It could be the end of the story, lol i hope so! :3 

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