High School, Friends, and Harry Styles

I could feel his breath down my neck as he held me close to him. A smirk slowly forming on his face as he lightly bit my ear causing me to moan lightly. " Harry stop, this doesn't feel right" i moaned lightly as he kept going and he smirked. "Then tell me that you like this and i'll stop" he reached his hand down to the hem of my shirt and he started to rub my stomach.


3. The next day

-Meagan's POV-

Today I felt really weird about going to school. I was feeling sick so I texted Harry.

M- hey feeling sick won't be going to school.

H- I'm coming to take care of you ~hazzabear~

M- Is that your signature Harry? -_- ~Megabear~

H- Yesh, Yesh it is gummy gummy

M- oh I'm a gummy bear yes I'm a gummy bear

H- haha open the door I'm here 

M- hmm... Idk mr.styles 

H- is your dad home?

M- no he's gonna be gone for the weekend so...

H- let me in then so I can help you get better

M- grr fine 

I went downstairs to open the door and there stood Harry as sexy as ever. Whoa wait what has gotten into me geez. "We'll if it is my gummy bear" I just looked at him and he smiled after his comment. Mhm keep trying me mr.

-Harry's POV-

She's trying me and i like it very much. I think it may be time for me to make my move. She'll get it once I point it out. She's staring at me i gotta think of something quick. "hehehe Meagan like what you see hmm?" She turned her head and looked back at me face red. Wow i have that effect on her its cool. "I'm gonna make you some soup just relax okay?" She nodded her head and curled up on the couch. When i was done I brought her soup out and she was watching spongebob. "Aww Megabear loves spongebob" She looked towards me and just frowned and nodded. I burst into a world of hysterical laughter she's cute and hilarious. She looked at me wide eyed and laughed. "So you think I'm cute huh mr.styles that's attractive." I looked at her and smirked then her face turned to shock as she realized what she had said to me. This is gonna be a fun day if it goes the way I plan.

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