High School, Friends, and Harry Styles

I could feel his breath down my neck as he held me close to him. A smirk slowly forming on his face as he lightly bit my ear causing me to moan lightly. " Harry stop, this doesn't feel right" i moaned lightly as he kept going and he smirked. "Then tell me that you like this and i'll stop" he reached his hand down to the hem of my shirt and he started to rub my stomach.


4. Is Confessing Bad?

-Meagan's POV-
Harry has been watching me for the past hour and when I say watching I mean literally watching. "Harry you can stop staring now it's making me a little uncomfortable." He looked me in my eyes then started smirking. I decided to act like I knew what was going on so I smirked back. "Harry do you know what your doing to me?" His face went from amused to totally confused. I couldn't help but crack up at his expression. He raised his eyebrow at me then started moving closer. My cheeks flushed bright red and my heart beat quickened. "So Meagan you're practically saying come and get me Styles." I couldn't respond because I'm the one who said something stupid. He came closer and planted a kiss on my lips and I gave in. His kisses trailed down to my neck and he began to leave a hickey. I couldn't help but moan a little because he hit my sweet spot. I can't believe he's got me hooked.
-Harry's POV-
So far things are going my way and I like it. I got a moan out of Meagan and I admit it was sexy. I trail down from her neck to her stomach earning a gasp from Meagan. I reach up to caress her breast earning a pleasurable moan from Meagan. I look at her to see the pleasure on her face and it makes me want more. I pull myself up and lift Meagan onto my lap. I gently kiss her placing my hands on her hips. I lick her bottom lip asking for permission. Instead if giving me access she slips her tongue into my mouth. I can't help but feel I should pull back from this heated moment. I pull back and set Meagan back in the spot she was. I put my head in my hands and try to think things through. "Harry are you okay?" He voice rings through my eyes like Aphrodite herself is speaking. "Meagan why do you have to be so perfect?" Realizing what I just said I literally face palmed myself. She looked at me shocked and was at a lose for words. "Never mind forget I even said anything." With that I got up and walked out her house and went straight to me and the guys hangout spot. I can't let her tame me I have to keep myself from falling for her charm.

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