1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I stepped out of my brand new Range Rover.

I turned around and looked at the massive building that was in front of me. It was tall and brick and it said in big writing saying 'Ashlawn School'.

As i started walking in to school, i could feel stares coming from every direction and every now and again i would hear a wolf whistle. Despite the attention I was getting,I walked straight past them till i reached the other end of the corridor. I reached a door saying 'The Headteacher' and underneath there was a post it saying 'Beware'. I hovered there for a minute then i finally knocked on the door and entered.

As i stepped in side i was greeted by the smell of strong coffee. I looked around the office which was painted cream and then had light, wooden furniture around it. i eventually sat down and faced the so called headteacher. 

She was wearing a crisp, grey suit and had her grey hair pinned up at the back. she had glasses on the bottom of her nose which just made her look meaner. 

Then she eventually spoke 'Hello, you must be Isabella. I would love to welcome you to my school.'. As she spoke her pale wrinkled lips hardly moved.

'Yes and well.. Thanks. i hope i have fun here..' i replied while fake smiling. She slid a envelope in front of me. It my name printed on to the front of it. 'Isabella Lowe'. 

'This had your planner and you timetable has already been stuck in it. Now you may go to lesson. if she asks why you late just say you were with me. I hope you learn and behave well at this school. Now go to lesson.' She said . I then quickly grabbed my bag and left. I pulled out my planner and my timetable and then at the map. 

'Man this is a big school' i thought to myself. But then bumped in to someone causing me to drop my planner on the floor. I looked up to see a boy. He had dark brown hair that had been styled into a quiff. He had beautiful brown eyes, that looked mysterious. But then i realised that i was staring so i looked down and notised that my planner was still on the ground so i picked it up. Once i had stood up again the boy was gone.

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