Trying not to fall in love

Anna Noaker and her friend Makendal go to a 1D concert. But when she sees Louis and he sees her what will she do when she thinks she is falling in love. What happens when Makendal sees Zayn will they fall in love. **Louis and Eleanor are not dating in this book!!!**Zayn and Perrie aren't dating in this book**


3. Hanging with Makendal

"I can't believe you won those tickets" I said

"Ya either can I" Mak said "you should spend the night so we could get ready together" I asked "sure I would love I just have to run home to get my stuff and the tickets" Mak said "k bye" I told her.

A few hours later

"I'm back" I heard Makendal yell. "I'm in my room" I yelled back! She came up stairs and she brought this mini skirt with a dress shirt with an owl on it. "Nice outfit" I told her. Mak asked me "what are you wearing" I am going to wear my skinny jeans with a nice top and my cow girl boots. She said "you are meeting One Direction you can't wear that! You have to wear that one dress I got!" "I kinda maybe gotten rid of that" I told her the truth. "How could you of getting rid of that?" She asked. "I sold it cause I hate dresses!" I was just telling her the truth. "Fine just wear that! See if I care if they make fun of you." She told me. "We better get to bed if the concert starts at 4:00, it's 30 minutes away, we want to be early,and You take forever to do your makeup! So we should wake up at six!" I told Mak.

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