Trying not to fall in love

Anna Noaker and her friend Makendal go to a 1D concert. But when she sees Louis and he sees her what will she do when she thinks she is falling in love. What happens when Makendal sees Zayn will they fall in love. **Louis and Eleanor are not dating in this book!!!**Zayn and Perrie aren't dating in this book**


7. getting ready for the date

I was getting ready but I still couldn't believe he asked me out a fucking date!! I was so excited! Since I don't know a lot of stuff about makeup I had Makendal come and do it. I was wearing a white dress that came down to my mid thighs with black wedges. Mak did my make up in a black and white smokey eye. It was so fucking cute!! It was 5:15 so I had about 15 minutes before Louis got here. I heard a know on the door about 10 minutes later and it was Louis. I just smiled and opened the door. "So where are we going?" I asked "it's a surprise!" Louis said "ugh but I hate surprises" I complained. "Well to bad suck it up" Louis said

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