Trying not to fall in love

Anna Noaker and her friend Makendal go to a 1D concert. But when she sees Louis and he sees her what will she do when she thinks she is falling in love. What happens when Makendal sees Zayn will they fall in love. **Louis and Eleanor are not dating in this book!!!**Zayn and Perrie aren't dating in this book**


5. At the Concert

When they were done singing Happily they said they were taking a break so Mak and I sat down we were so happy then they came back and Louis and I locked eyes for a minute and he would always look at me!

*Makendal's P.O.V

Louis would not stop looking at Anna. Zayn wouldn't stop staring at me. I think he might like me. I can't wait till we go back stage!

Anna's P.O.V

The concert is over and Louis would always look at me


When we got backstage Louis got up and gave me a huge hug! Then Zayn and Makendal hugged. Louis asked what are our names. I told them and Louis said I had a pretty name. "Maybe sometime I could take you out to dinner?" Louis Tomlinson just asked me out to dinner is this for real!!"sure!" I said "can I have you number?" Louis asked "sure it's 419-980-5967" I told Louis he told me his is "419-693-1435" "thanks"I replied. "Well it's like 9:00 so we better get going bye guys" I said

A/n those are random numbers so ya

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