Trying not to fall in love

Anna Noaker and her friend Makendal go to a 1D concert. But when she sees Louis and he sees her what will she do when she thinks she is falling in love. What happens when Makendal sees Zayn will they fall in love. **Louis and Eleanor are not dating in this book!!!**Zayn and Perrie aren't dating in this book**


1. Anna Mae Noaker

My names Anna Noaker. I live with my mom. My father died when I was six. I'm now 17. My mom is an drug addict. She is always out partying. I guess you could say that I raised myself cause I did. I love One Direction! I don't like them like a stalker way but I love there music! I play basketball🏀,softball⚾️,and football(soccer)⚽️. I live in Doncaster England. My best and only friend is Makendal. We've know each other before preschool. It's cause my uncle and her mom work together and they are dating to! They have been for about 2 years! It's so fun we always get to hang out with each other! Well that's enough about me!

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