Rashel is a girl who is walking home one day. She runs into a handsome boy named......


5. Unexpected happenings

*Rashel's POV*
These guys are really funny as soon as I woke up they brightened my day. They don't eat though that's what throws me off by a lot. Niall he really catches my eyes though I just don't know what it is. He's so sweet and gentle, he's also kind and generous. He really did save my life though and I'm grateful for that in the long run of course. He saved me from my death warrant with my father but I still have to get my work done. Tonight's the night I get back to work regardless of my condition the team needs me. I have a feeling they want let me go though so I have a plan. When he tries to read my mind I'll sing Justin Bieber's baby really loud. He's gonna be so mad but it'll be so funny to see his facial expression and how he reacts to it. The boys are all watching me eat like I was some kind of new born baby infant. "Are you guys okay because you're starting to make me uncomfortable by staring like a bunch of creeps." They all burst out into a booming laughter  and then Harry spoke up for the first time. "Sorry love it's just because we don't eat much and your really good looking." He winked at me and Niall started to like give Harry this face and then he kinda like growled at him? Not weird at all but everyone was now staring at him and Harry just to see what he would do next.
*Niall's POV*
Harry did that on purpose he knows I like her and he decides to do that. Rashel she's beautiful in everyway and she's fragile. I want to tell her how i feel i fell in love with her when i first layed eyes on her. I'm so confused and lost in my emotions maybe I should tell her. What if she turns me diwn though I shoukd wait i think that's tje best thing to do. "Niall you okay?" Her voive was ringing through my ears. I slowly looked at her she's so beautiful. "Yes, i'm fine Rashel are you okay though?" She looked at me confused I must have her worried. A huge smirk cam acriss my face "Rashel you don't look so good here let's lay you down." She started giggling uncontrollably and then she caught me when she wrapped her arms around my neck. I would have been blushing if i weren't a vampire but i'm pretty sure she could tell. My neck is my pleasure spot and she touched it and she knows because i moaned. I am such an idiot a complete and total idiot.

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