Rashel is a girl who is walking home one day. She runs into a handsome boy named......


1. The unexpected meeting

*Rashel's POV*


I never should have gone to that party, now I'm walking half drink and in the dark. I'm definitely going to get the beating of my life form my abusive father.  Now that you think about it the only reason I stay around my dad is because I want to help him. "Why me, why do I have to go through this?" I silently asked myself now realizing I'm halfway to my house. A quick blur ran across my eyes and I looked around to see what it was only to find red eyes staring back at me. "W-who's  there, I have mace!" I yelled out the blur came again but it stopped in front of me. In front of me stood a boy with blonde hair and brown roots. His eyes were the thing that really captured me though. They were red like in those scary monster movies. I couldn't help but stare at him with horror in my eyes. For some odd reason his face seemed to have went soft when he saw my reaction. The thing that shocked me though is that I didn't move at all. Glaring at my neck I saw his canine teeth grow longer. He leaned in towards my neck and I closed my eyes waiting for it to be over with. Nothing's happening what's going on? I slowly thought to myself.
*Niall"s POV*
Nothing's happening what's going on? I could tell she was scared for her life. I couldn't help but be drawn to her. She seemed so fragile and she looked so scared. I slowly lifted my hand to touch her cheek and she flinched back. Oh god, he's gonna hit me that's gonna be one extra beating tonight. Don't I get enough of that from my overly drunk father. I looked at her with sympathy in my eyes. She looked at me like I was crazy but I know something about her now. "Your father abuses youwhy?" Her eyes widened at my sudden outburst and she just looked afraid for her life. "H-how d-did y-you k-know t-that?" She stuttered every word out of her mouth." Honey I could read your mind I wasn't going to hit you." I looked straight into her mesmerizing purple eyes. She just looked at me and her face softened quickly. I started to smirk a bit at her sudden mood change. "You can go home, but I will see you again i'm sure of it." I smirked at her then gave her a quick wink and ran off in the direction of my house.

Sorry it's so short I just wanted to make a page with Rashel and Niall's Point of Views So Yeah.. Umm Thnx For Reading 

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