Rashel is a girl who is walking home one day. She runs into a handsome boy named......


2. The stranger returns

*Rashel' s POV*
He took off as fast as he arrived. I can't be certain of this but I think I've developed feelings for him. I never even got his name either but he was so gentle with me. I walked up on my front porch, before I could open the door my father stepped out. I felt a sharp pain across my face. I Rashel Turner have just gotten some sense knocked into me. That's what I would say if my father wasn't a DRUNK!. My father then kneed me in my stomach and I doubled over in pain. He continually kept kicking me while I was down. He then picked me up and then punched me in my ribs. I let out an ear piercing scream and fell to the ground. When I lifted my head back up I saw blood on the porch. I quickly tried to get and run but was pulled back by my hair. I closed my eyes waiting for the punch that would kill me. It never came though instead what came was my body being lifted up and carried. I opened my eyes to see the boy from earlier. I looked back to see my father doubled over in pain. That put a little smile on my face then I fell into unconsciousness.
*Niall's POV*
I felt her go limp in my arms and her breathing calm down. I took that as my chance to pick up the pace just a little bit. I jogged at human speed towards my house. I slammed the front door open and all the guys jumped up to look at the girl in my arms. "What happened Niall?" Zayn asked as he checked her pulse. "I heard her scream and when I went to see if she was okay I saw her father beating her." They all looked at me shocked and with a hint of sadness. She started to groan so I take it she was trying to wake up. "Niall, you have to give her some of your blood." Harry looked at me with a dead-on serious face. I nodded my head and bit into my wrist and put it to her lips. She didn't move for a second but when a drop hit her lip she bit onto my wrist. I smiled a little bit knowing she's gonna get better. I quickly walked upstairs and placed her in my bed. "Goodnight beautiful." I whispered as I saw a smile creep onto her face. I took my shirt off and climbed into bed with her my arm wrapped around her waist protectively.

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