Rashel is a girl who is walking home one day. She runs into a handsome boy named......


7. Are you afraid?

*Rashel's POV*

"N-Niall, wait I'm not ready yet and I'm scared its a first time kinda thing." He looked at me pain evident in his face. "Are you afraid of me Rashel?" I shook my head no and he smirked. "Do you love me Rashel?" I slowly nodded my head but because I wasn't exactly sure how to feel towards him. "Let me take you to ecstasy and back." I blushed madly and for some reason I felt like I should let him do this. "Only if you promise not to break my heart Niall." He looked at me and nodded then connected his lips with mine. He gently placed his fingers on my clit and started to rub it. I arched my back and moan lightly out of pure pleasure. I reached towards his pants and grabbed his penis and began to stroke it. I think I'm doing it wrong oh god I suck at this. "Rashel you're doing fine just relax okay?" I nodded and changed to an up and down motion. His fangs grew back out and he began to moan and I smirked a little. At the same time we climaxed and reconnected our lips. He rubbed his penis at the entrance of my vagina and he looked at me. "Rashel are you sure you wanna continue with this, I'm gonna warn you ahead of time it's gonna hurt cause it's your first time and because I'm a vampire." I nodded and braced myself as he began to enter me. Fuck it hurts so bad but I want this I want Niall. "I want you to Rashel and I'm gonna make you mine in more ways than one. In your case I'm like the devil I'll take you to hell and back." I blushed and he continued to entering me and when it was finally in it hurt really bad. He slowly started thrusting his hips and I was moaning lightly feeling pain and pleasure. Soon the feeling became pure pleasure and ecstasy I've never felt before. "N-Niall..H-Harder...P-Please." He smirked down at me and began to thrust harder and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he continued. "Rashel I'm about to.." Go ahead Niall it's okay I want to feel all of you. He began thrusting harder and faster and I moaned out loudly in pure ecstasy. Me and Niall were out of breath and I layer my head on his chest. "Niall I love you, and is never want to leave your side. Will you make you yours for eternity, what I'm saying is will you changed me?" He looked at me and smiled and nodded then crashed his lips on mine. "When the time is right I'll make you mine and we can do this nonstop if you want. I smirked and closed my eyes and felt Niall wrap his arm around me and we fell asleep like that. I was having a dream and it was a happy one, I was with Niall. Before he turned me we had a child a boy who I named James because it was Niall's middle name. We were happy James loved us we loved him, I slept with a smile on my face. I'll tell Niall in the morning the dream I had.

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