Rashel is a girl who is walking home one day. She runs into a handsome boy named......


6. A little too fast

*Rashel's POV*
When I wrapped my arms around his neck I could have swore he moaned but I could just be hearing things anyway so yea. "Niall you okay your quiet now and it's not normal" He just nodded and he kept biting his bottom lip and it scares me honestly. He was about to kay me down when he tripped and fell on top of me. "Rashel I'm so sorry are you okay?" He was moving upward and I moaned softly. He looked at me and smiled. "Was it because I did this?" He slowly thrusted me and I moaned softly again. "Niall..stop..I'm....very...sensitive.."  He lifted me up and put me on top of him. We were in a straddling position and I blushed madly. "So you like this position huh?" He looked at me and blushed then burst into wild laughter. "I prefer it since I get to see your face when it's in pleasure." I winked at him and got up heading towards the bathroom. "Maybe sometime Niall but not today." I walked into the bathroom I could hear Niall chuckling outside the door and he left the room. I let out a deep shaky breath I hadn't realized I was holding. "Maybe I'm moving too fast with Niall." I started the water to the shower making sure it was warm. I stripped down and got into the shower. I shampooed my hair and lathered it real good. I did the same with my body just with body wash I stood under the shower head for a few minutes. I was really thinking about what happened between me and Niall . Turning off the shower I stepped out and wrapped myself with a towel and went into my room. Niall was on my bed with just his sweat pants on and no shirt. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as I looked away for a second. "Like what you see Rashel?" I bit my lip and tried to hide my blush by turning my head. Niall was in front of me now lifting my face to his and placing his lips on mine. Damn where did this boy learn to kiss I feel like I'm melting away. He licked the bottom of my lip asking for permission and I granted it. The kiss started to deepen and he lifted me to where my legs were wrapped around his waist. He grinded his hips into me and I let out a seductive growl. 
What's wrong with me why and I growling man I'm an animal. Niall pulled away and burst into laughter and we landed on the bed him on top and me on the bottom. He put his face in the crook of my neck and started kissing it. Slowly he worked his way to sucking my neck and it was turning into love bites. I moaned softly and ran my fingers through his hair. I don't know what came over me but I pushed him off and sat straddling him. I removed my shirt and removed his off of him. Niall's eyes were now glowing a bright red and I froze for a second. He looked at me and licked his lips and I flinched. He gently sat up and flipped our position back to the way it was the first time. He unstrapped my bra and my face became as red as a tomato. He started to caress them and then he put his lips to them and began to kiss them. "Rashel let me have you, all of you" I nodded shyly and he sunk his fangs into my neck but it didn't hurt. He made me feel him in a seductive way and to a point it felt like he hit a spark. He lifted his head up and looked at me then he kissed me roughly reaching down towards my pants. It's gonna be a rough night I thought to myself. If I don't stop this I'll lose myself.

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