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16. With Niall

It came in a black car in the morning. A man jumped out and came to the door. I opened and looked wonderingly at him. 
"I'll get Lilly!" he said and I smiled at him. 
"Yes it's me!" 
He took my bag and took it to the car. I felt like a star and followed. I sat in the back seat and after a while he had received the bags in the trunk. He drove out of town and I picked up my cell phone. I sent a message to Niall. 
"It's on my way!" 
Directly he replied. 
"Yes... :D  I miss you!"


I actually fell asleep in the car and when I woke up we were outside the airport. 
"A plane is waiting for you." the man said and opened the door for me. I went out and he took my bags. I had to go straight out to the field and there was a small craft there. I jumped in and then the plane took off. I hadn't flown in my life so my whole body shook. I didn't dare mention it, but tried to close my eyes and not think. 


We landed in Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower stand straight up. I was surprised and held my breath. I was in France? 


Yet another car and then straight to the hotel. I noticed that it was full of fans outside, but the car came up to the door and slipped unnoticed into the hotel.


I didn't have time for more than to walk inside the doors. Niall came running towards me. He threw himself into my arms and lifted me into the air. He laughed and hugged me really hard. 
"YOU are here!" 
I smiled and released him. He looked like he used to, but much happier. 
"Clearly I'm here!" I was silly of me. Niall just smiled with his whole face and took my hand. 
"You sleep in my room!" 
I blushed but didn't say against him. He pulled me towards the elevator and on the way there came Louis against us. 
"Hey Lilly!" 
"Hi!" I got out of me, but Niall was fast. He pulled me into the elevator and gave me a quick glance. 
"You have time to talk to him later!" 
I just laughed and felt how hard he was holding my hand.


As soon as we entered the room he kissed me. He held me tight in his arms and I felt his lips met mine. It was as if he couldn't resist me and he wanted to show that I was his everything. When he had finished the kiss, did I hear a knock on the door. My bags came up and a guy stuck his head. 
"Will miss sleep here?" 
"Yep!" Niall replied directly and released me. I just smiled and watched as he came into the room with the bags. Niall gave him a tip and smiled at me. 
"We will have so much fun together." 
I just smiled and walked over to the window. I looked over the sea of fans and actually realized how big they really were. Niall came over to me and took his arms around my waist. He hugged me from behind and I felt his face against my cheek. 
"It's just girls!" he mumbled. "The fans comes with the package if you want me." 
I laughed a little bit and nodded. 
"I understood that you have fans, but not so many in one place!"


One of the staff came into the room and she looked uninterested at me. Then she looked at Niall. 
"Is she going with you to the stage or how have you decided about that?" 
Niall looked at her and then straight at me. 
"Lilly do you want to come along or stay here?"
I swallowed and made ​​a choice. 
"I want to go with you." 
Niall smiled and looked at the woman. 
"You heard what she said. She's with me!" 
The woman wasn't the least bit happy. 
"And she'll go there in the same car?" 
Niall hesitated but then smiled. 
"Yes, she'll go in the same car!"


I was still unsure and looked wonderingly at Niall. When we was alone again, he stood close to me again. 
"I have to show you for them sometime?" 
I nodded and swallowed. 
"I'll just have to try?" 
Niall nodded and smiled. He took my face between his hands and looked straight into my eyes. 
"You are the only girl that matters to me. If the fans dislike you, they don't like me. You are mine and I'm yours. That's it!"

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