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18. Twitter

In the morning I awoke to Nialls kiss against my neck. He chuckled lightly when I opened my eyes and he held his arms tightly around my body. 
"Good morning, my princess!" 
I smiled at him and met his gaze. 
"Hey my prince!" 
He laughed and spun me around me so I ended up at the back. Then he lay on top of me and caressed my face with his hands. 
"This is just amazing!" 
I smiled and wondered what he was referring to. Niall laughed and kissed me quickly. 
"It's wonderful to wake up next to my princess."
I laughed and took my arms around his shoulders. I felt how he pushed me against the mattress and he parted my legs. I smiled at him and allowed him to strip my clothes off. Self he kept his underwear on and seemed only interested in my body. 
"I want to wake up like this in my entire life." 
I laughed and felt how he began to kiss my neck. It tickled but he didn't give up. I felt his lips sliding down over my neck and it was just wonderful. He let his hand caress my skin and it wasn't long until I was in his power. He made me moan loudly and I felt how he took care of every inch of me.I didn't notice that he pulled off his underpants, not until he penetrated. Niall groaned against my lips and he kissed me intensely. He filled me and I couldn't say no. When he began to move over my body, I was already long gone. I took everything he gave me and I ended up on top of a mountain. He filled me with everything and I moaned against him. Niall seemed to understand that I was totally gone. He increased the pace and it wasn't long before I whimpered with passion. He pushed himself hard into me and he moved hard against my body. I exploded and all I heard was how I screamed his name straight out. Niall smiled and kissed me all the time. He forced me to lie still and his hands were everywhere. He come shortly after me and filled me with cum. I got the idea that we shouldn't have unprotected sex, but I didn't dare say anything. Niall whimpered and he landed hard on my body. He was panting and I knew he was out of breath.


When we came down to breakfast all seemed to talk about us. Full One Directions staff was there and I saw the looks that they gave us. Niall just smiled at me and we picked up what we wanted to eat. We sat at a table and directly came Liam and joined us. He looked at me and smiled with his whole face. 
"Welcome!" he said happily. "Niall has talked about you a lot and everyone was keen to meet you, but he wants you for himself?" 
I blushed and heard Niall was annoyed at his friend. 
"Can't you stop nagging? I missed her and I want to spend all the time I can with her."
Liam saw teasing at Niall. 
"But she might want to get to know us?" 
I said nothing  and let them talk to each other. Actually I just had an interest in being with Niall. I didn't think I wanted to mix in all the others, when it was him that I would get to know. 
"But come on!" exclaimed Liam right as it was. "You can't be in the room all the time?" 
"Yes we can!" said Niall. "You have nothing to do with my private life."


The newspapers were filled with pictures of Niall and me. I didn't understand what it said, but the pictures said it all. I tried to figure out what it was written, but gave up. Niall just laughed and threw it away. 
"Nothing interesting!" 
I sighed. 
"But don't you want to know?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, because I know the truth and the newspapers only write crap."


I learned that really don't bother me. I went out on Nialls laptop and found out that there were all sorts of things around me. 
"Niall, along with an anonymous girl." 
"Niall protects his girlfriend against those crazy fans!" 
"Her name is Ann and comes from France!" 
I actually laughed. There was no truth and no one knew who I was. On twitter they wrote everything between that I was ugly to the fact that I was beautiful. I realized that Niall was right. I didn't want to know everything. On my twitter account Emma had written a private message to me. 
"Is it true?" 
I smiled and answered her honestly. 
"Yes it's true!"
I replied to some friends' questions and right as it was came a lot of new follows. I was flabbergasted and just staring at everything that came up. Niall came into the room and immediately I caught him up. 
"Please tell me what to do!" 
He started tinkering with the computer and made my account private. 
"You can't say yes to all or approve them all." he said and looked at me. "If I were you I'd be careful who you write to."
I nodded and asked him to help me with all accounts. 
"Make them private!" I said and Niall helped me.

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