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22. To be told the truth

I sat and sunbathed by the pool. I had finally gotten hold of a bikini and it was wonderful to get color on the body. I enjoyed the moment and heard the guests laughed, spoke in foreign languages ​​and seemed to have a wonderful day. I still brooded on what management had said to me. I was wondering given way if they were the same way with Louis, Liam and Zayns girlfriends. Or was it just to me.


"Where's Niall?" 
I looked up and met Louis gaze. He sat down next to me and seemed to look for Niall. 
"I don't know!" I answered honestly. "He was talking something about the guitar." 
Louis sighed and seemed deserted. He smiled then at me and seemed still happy that I was there. It made me open up a little for him. 
"Has the management talked to Eleanor sometime or the other girlfriends you have in the group?" 
He froze and didn't seem to like the subject. 
"They've probably talked to everyone and why do you ask?" 
I gulped and told him what one had said to me at the party. 
"So I'm not well liked," I whispered. Directly I saw that Louis's face froze. 
"And know Niall anything about this?" he asked. I shook my head and swallowed again. It was a sensitive subject and Louis seemed to understand me. 
"Let's put it like this." he said. "They think they own us and that they have the right to decide who, where and how."
I looked down at my hands. His words didn't comforted me. 
"But she looked so cold!" 
Louis sat closer to me and looked at me. 
"Who was she?" 
I had no idea what her name was. 
"Dark hair, glasses, in my length, narrow and icy face." 
Louis sigh 
"I know who you're talking about and she's in everything. Ignore what she or the others say to you., We like to have you with us and Niall would be devastated if you left him because of them."


Later in the afternoon, I decided to go up to the room. I showered and put on a summer dress. Louis had calmed me down a bit and his words weighed pretty much against what management said. There was a knock on the door and I was surprised when Zayn stood outside. 
"Can I talk?" 
I let him in and he seemed to like the dress I had chosen. 
"Nice!" he said and smiled at me. "You've changed since you came with us and it is only positive!" 
I blushed and looked down at my hands. He took a breath and continued. 
"Louis told me that there are some people who telling things to you?" 
I nodded weakly. 
"One have, anyway."
He smiled weakly. 
"I just wanted to come by and tell you not to listen. They are so mad at everything and we don't even, in One Direction, listen to them anymore." 
I looked up at him. 
"But why was she so cold towards me and I just felt that I was a parasite?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"She would probably have us all five in her violence and she doesn't like that we decide things on our own. Niall was the one she wanted to force being single, but he's fighting for your sake." 
I was surprised. 
"Fighting for me? He?" 
Zayn laughed a little bit and realized that I didn't know about everything. 
"He has asked them to go to hell."
I just stared at Zayn, but he was amused. 
"Lilly, Niall's doing everything so that they shouldn't pick on you and he thought they understood, but apparently they think they can scare you?" 
I nodded 
"And they scare me!" 
He hugged me easily and friendly. 
"Believe me, they are just idiots and you should go after what you and Niall have instead."


It was my salvation. I realized it was much more behind the band that even they didn't knew about. Niall was ready to fight for my sake and he wasn't going to give me. Also, I noticed a change in the whole group. Many people started talking to me and showed with the face that I was perfect. It was as if empires were opened up and the only thing I felt was harmony. I promised myself never to listen to the management and not to take it personal. 

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