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24. The question

After Italy, we went around to other countries and I almost forgot my old life. It was like I had found my place and I wouldn't let Niall go. We ended up at a hotel and as so many times he pulled me straight to the bed. I felt his hands tore my clothes off and I landed with a thud against the mattress. Niall laughed and I watched him as he stripped. He threw away the clothes and threw himself over me. I felt his hot kisses and his body that took me by storm. His hands were everywhere and I could do nothing but follow his movements.
"I want you to be on top!" he muttered and spun around. I blushed and shook directly on my head, but Niall didn't give up. He made sure I sat on his waist and he forced me up a bit. I felt how he brought his member to me. He groaned and forced me to slowly slide down. I felt how he penetrated. Niall let his hands caress my stomach and my breasts. 
"I want to see all you now!" he mumbled and smiled charmingly at me. "I love to feel your body and I want to see you." 
I swallowed and realized that I would bring my body up and down. Niall grabbed my waist and showed me the way. I looked down at him and I saw that he loved every second.
"Bend foreward!" he demanded and I obeyed him. I proceeded to bring the body into his pace, but leaned toward him so our lips could meet. I took one arm on each side of his head, and pretty soon he took control over me completely. I moaned and whimpered against him. I felt my whole body was hot and I couldn't stop. Instead I increased the pace and Niall immediately began to grunt. 
"You're so tight!" he got out himself and kissed me. "So perfectly tight!" 
I just smiled and felt how he filled me with emotion. It tingled all over and slowly we built up the orgasm. Slowly, I felt that my body totally gave up and Niall could bring me how and where he wanted.


I rode him fast. I sat up on him and I could feel my body slowly approached the top. I held my hands against his chest so that I could keep the balance. Niall held my waist tightly and I felt that he all the time wanted me to move faster. In the end I just exploded. I felt my whole body shook, and the wonderful feeling came out in every inch of me. I screamed and moaned. I pushed myself down on his cock and I could feel the muscles embraced him. 


Afterwards I lay on top on Nialls body and just looked into his eyes. He was tired, but he did everything to stay awake. I stroked his face with my hands and he caressed my back. 
"We forgot the condom!" I whispered. Niall smiled and nodded. 
"Would you be afraid if we happened to create something together?" 
I grinned a little bit. 
"Are you talking about babies or what?"
He nodded and smiled tired. 
"I want to have kids with you!" 
I balked. 
"But we are so young?" 
He nodded and raised his eyebrows. 
"But young parents are better than those who's old? Your still the one I want and one day we'll get married." 
I started laughing. 
"Are you serious? Have you planned everything?" 
Niall continued to nod and he was amused. 
"We're getting married one a winter in a church in Ireland. We must have two or three children, and we should live in the country. Maybe we should have a horse to. It's fun for you to ride?" 
The last thing he said just to annoy me and I blushed immediately. 
"You're crazy!"
He nodded and looked into my eyes. 
"Are you saying yes?" 
I frowned. 
"Yes to what?" 
He smiled and took his arms around my body. He looked straight into my eyes and became serious. 
"Will you marry me?" 
I almost lost my breath. Did he serious ask me or did he joked. 
"We have no rings?" I got out of me. Directly he grinned and pushed me away from him. He jumped up on the floor and went off to one of the bags. I saw how he was looking for something and right as it was, he came back to me. He sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand in his. 
"So will you marry me?" he whispered and took out a small box. I almost fainted. I opened the lid and saw two rings. One with a green stone in the pattern, the second ring was just smooth. I landed and met his eyes again. 

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