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19. The evning...

After Paris, we went over to Italy and immediately I was in seventh heaven. I saw how the country appeared outside the aircraft and I just smiled big. 
"Have you been here?" asked Louis quickly. I shook my head and didn't let the landscape go with my eyes. 
"Niall, I think she has found her favourite country." exclaimed Harry, but I didn't care about their comments. Niall came and sat beside me. He smiled as always big and seemed to just enjoy the moment. 
"Are you happy?" he asked. I nodded and looked at him. He took my hand and it was like he just wanted to stay with me on the plane. We didn't react when the plane landed and when everyone started to walk off the plane, he pulled me with him. 
"Come on Princess!" he whispered. "We need to look at another kingdom!"


What struck me was that it was hot. I felt my clothes went to be fixed to my body and directly, I realized that I hadn't summer clothes with me. I looked anxiously at the sun and Niall understood what I was thinking. 
"I can buy clothes for you?" 
I looked at him and swallowed. 
"A dress?" 
He nodded and kissed me lightly. 
"All of my girl!" 
I just blushed and then came the shock. We ended up in the midst of a lot of fans and they screamed. The guards kept them back, but I barely heard what I was thinking. Niall held my hand tightly in his and he pulled me towards the right direction.


I must admit I loved the country from the first moment. The problem was that I hadn't planned to be there. Niall kept me hard, but soon stuck our hands together and I felt that although he was sweating. 
"Soon, at the hotel!" he said, but I still felt that I just wanted to collapse. It was hot!


I threw myself in the shower and I washed away all that was sweat. I felt finally clean and when I came out of the bathroom stood Niall there. He held up a summer dress and smiled at me. 
"I guess it fits?" 
I was surprised. 
"But when did you buy it?" 
He laughed and laid it down on the bed. 
"When you showered, I sent off a guard who got to buy something suitable." 
I laughed and felt silly. I hugged him and felt how he kept his arms around my body. 
"I love you!" I whispered. Niall smiled and hugged me back. 
"I know!"


In the evening, when the boys would go to the stage, I chose to stay behind. I sat in bed and put Nialls laptop on my lap. I logged in and looked around online. To my great surprise the fans began to leave nice comments. 
"Niall fits with her." 
I realized that no one knew my name. I swallowed, wondering to recognize to them who I was, but at the same time it was nice to be anonymous.


I heard a scream outside the hotel from several hundred fans. I knew Niall was back. I turned off the computer and stood by the window. There were lots of girls outside and the cars drove up to the hotel. I saw how the guys pushed their way in and I saw Nialls wonderful head. He smiled, signed autographs and gave some of them a hugg. Part of me was jealous of the girls, but I knew it was me he wanted.


"We'll celebrate tomorrow." Niall said as soon as he came in to me. He hugged me and gave me a quick kiss. "We're at a party tomorrow in the evening." 
I sighed. I wanted to stay with him at the hotel, but Niall just laughed at me. 
"It will be fun, honey!" 
I sighed and realized that I had to go with him. 
"But I have no clothes?" 
He laughed a little bit and let his lips kiss my neck softly. 
"I'll make sure it'll work out." he murmured, and I felt his hands inside the dress. "You will get the clothes. I'll send someone to get some for you!" 
I laughed a little bit and tried to get him to stop. Niall just smiled and I felt how hard he kept his arms around my body.
"You're so hot!" he mumbled and started kissing me. I felt his hands slid inside my panties and he caressed my butt.  I responded to the kiss but giggled lightly. He pressed himself against me and pulled me towards the bed. I couldn't help it and went with him, but when we came up to the bed there was a knock on the door. 
"Crap!" Niall mumbled direct and sighed. At first, he continued to kiss me, but the knocking continued, and he had to let me go. 


"Management wants to have meeting!" I heard Liam say. "It's all about the party tomorrow." 
Niall sighed and looked quickly at me. 
"Honey, I'll be back!" 
I nodded and watched as he disappeared out of the room. He closed the door and I heard them walking towards the elevator. I instantly felt alone and sat on the bed. I still felt wherever he had touched me and I smiled weakly. Niall really liked to have closeness.


I was half asleep when the door opened and Niall sneaked in. I felt how he crawled into bed and lay down near me. 
I yawned and looked at him. Niall smiled weakly and took his arms around me. I felt his lips on my neck. 
"What did they talk about?" I asked. Niall grunted and stopped to kiss me. He looked into my eyes. 
"We have some in the Management the who thought that girlfriends wouldn't be at the party. I told them that you was imported to me and there was trouble between us. Liam was on my side and he wanted that everyone else's girlfriends could come too." 
I swallowed. 
"So I'll stay here tomorrow?" 
He smiled and shook his head. 
"I said I will not go there, unless you can come."
He watched me carefully and I just felt butterflies in my stomach. 
"Will the other girls be there?" 
He shook his head and continued to look at me with loving eyes. 
"No, just you!" 
He leaned forward and kissed me again. I responded to the kiss and felt how he ended up on top of me. I spread my legs and Niall quickly pulled down my panties down, but before he could do anything more, I ended the kiss. 
He sighed. 
"I have none!" 
I frowned and looked serious. 
"Please, Niall, I don't want to get pregnant." 
He wasn't happy that I refused to go further. 
"But just this time, baby?" 
I shook my head. 
"Niall, I don't want to risk anything."

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