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3. Speaking on the web

It was a Saturday. I was reading a book and listening to music in my room. My parents were sitting at the TV, but I just felt tired and didn't want to spend time with them.


Right as it was vibrated my mobile.
"How's life?" 
I smiled and laid aside the book. 
"I live. And you?" 
"I'm tired, I'm free from work for some time and are thinking about a thing ...." 
I lay down in bed and smiled at my mobile. 
It took a while before he answered. 
"Could we skype?" 
I got scared. 
"But then you see what I look like?" 
"Please Niall. We would remain anonymous to each other?"
It was quiet in my phone for a while before it was vibrating again. 
"I want to meet you one day and skype is a good start?" 
I felt insecure. 
"Without the camera?" 


Nialls voice was wonderful. It really sounded like an Irishman, and it was soft. I loved his voice from the beginning and I heard that he was happy to talk to me.


"Why do you lie in your bed on a Saturday?" he asked right as it was. I laughed a little bit and put the laptop next to me in the bed. 
"What about you? Why are you inside on a Saturday. I'm almost eighteen but you're twenty?" 
He laughed back and I heard how wonderful he was. 
"I want to relax." he answered quickly. "I have a busy life and I love to just take it easy when I can." 
I looked at the screen. 
"Are you single?" 
"Yes, are you?" 
I nodded, although he didn't see it. 
"Yes I am! I just wondered. I don't want a girl run into your bedroom and yell or get mad."
He laughed weakly. 
"I'm home alone and I have no one here. How about you?" 
I sighed to the door. 
"Mom and Dad!" 
Niall didn't seem to care if I lived at home. 
"You should think about your parents." he said, and seemed serious. "I don't meet my often and I miss them almost every day."
I was surprised and wondered why. 
"Do you live far away from them?" 
"Yes!" he replied tired. "I live in England and they are left on Ireland!"
I lit up. 
"So you're really an Irishman? I heard it in your voice and on your name on the Internet." 
He laughed again. 
"Of course I'm Irish, but you're from England?" 
I nodded. 
"Was born here and will surely die here!"
Niall laughed and he seemed to put himself in the bed. 
"So Lilly how do you look like?" 
I swallowed. 
"How do you mean?" 
He was amused and he responded quickly. 
"Describe Yourself!" 
I looked at my body and thought. 
"I have brown long hair, brown eyes, a pretty normal body and upturned nose."
He seemed satisfied, but I was fast. 
"Now, you describe yourself?" 
He paused. 
"I have blonde hair, but is actually brunette. I have blue eyes and a pretty goofy face. I'm not fat and not too thin either. My arms and legs are slim, but I think it's because they hadn't suited my body if they were obese."
I laughed. 
"It sounds wonderful."
Niall sounded amused by the subject. 
"You sound too wonderful!" 
I shook my head. 
"No, I'm ordinary and it's my case." 
He was silent for a few extra seconds before I heard his voice again. 
"To me you are beautiful!" he said in a serious voice. "I like you and you have come to know me for who I am." 
I smiled. 
"All people always hung up on appearance?"
Niall agreed. 
"You always have to look good and you always have to show up a nice side of yourself." 
I nodded. 
"And nobody cares about who you really are?" 
Niall sighed lightly. 
"You know what you're talking about?"


I loved our conversations. We talked about everything and it happened that Niall fell asleep while we were talking. I took no offence, because he seemed tired. He always apologize, but I didn't care. Niall was my dream boy online and I loved having him there.

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