Find me


1. prologue

I ended up on the net and I started chatting with a guy. Pretty soon, we wrote a message to each other in all the places that existed. I had him as a contact at all the places that existed and he had me. It began with that we wrote about the ordinary. Weather, friends, school and life in general. Then we started writing about dreams, what we wanted with our lives and the last thing we wrote about was serious stuff.


He called himself "the Irishman 00" and I was called "girl 99". We never sent pictures of ourselves and we chose to keep in touch fairly anonymous. 


"It's as if we know each other!" he wrote one day. "We know everything, but we haven't met. My friends know me less than you and yet do you stay as a good friend?" 
I laughed and replied to it. 
"You are a wonderful person and why ruin our friendship?" 
It took a while, then he wrote. 
"We don't know our names?" 
I swallowed and looked down at the keys. 
"Is it important?"
I laughed a little bit. 
"But we said we would be anonymous?" 
"Maybe we can at least talk about what our name's? There's anonymously?" 
I sighed. 
"So what do you think I'm called?" 
"Absolutely not!" 
"So write your name I write mine?" 
"At the same time?" 
"Do you promise?" 
"Have I ever lied to you?" 
I swallowed. 
"No, you're honest!" 
"So come on? There's only a name and a name says nothing about who you are?" 
I sighed. 
"At the same time, we write it?" 
I took a deep breath and wrote my name: Lilly. As soon as I sent it away, his name came up on my screen. 

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