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21. parasite

I felt beautiful in the evening. For the first time in my life I was happy with my appearance and my dress fit me perfectly. I put on my heel shoes, some jewellery and put my hair up in a loose bun. I made up myself, and I finally stood Niall and just staring at me. He had black pants, white shirt and black blazer. His eyes didn't let me off and I blushed slightly. 
"Don't stare!" 
He came up to me and gave me a quick kiss. 
"Well, everyone will stare at you. You are so beautiful that my heart explodes."


Okay! We went in cars to the party. When we arrived I was about to lose face. There was a red carpet and around the standing fans, people who wanted to interview them and I got panic. Niall took my hand tightly and smiled at me. 
"It's no worse than going through a pedestrian zone." he whispered. "The difference is that everyone loves to scream, take photos and talk to us." 
I looked at him that he meant well. Still, I felt my whole body shook. Louis sat on my other side and he seemed to understand me. 
"Just take it easy Lilly!" he said kindly. "We aren't accustomed yet to this and it's pretty amazing that you can experience it."


We ended up in a sea of ​​reporters from all around the world. It flashed everywhere and the fans yelled from all sides. Niall held my hand tightly, but I didn't hear what he said to all reporters. The sound was deafening and I chose to just smile. I got used to it pretty quickly and tried to play as a diva. I didn't want to look like Lilly, I wanted to look like someone else. Okay maybe I looked silly, but I didn't care. Niall took me slowly forward and he didn't let go of my hand. He smiled at me sometimes and he checked so that I didn't fainted. It was as if he was protecting me and he didn't want to loose my hand.


I understood it was something that was inaugurated. We ate good food and after that all walk into a party room. There, we were invited to drinks, and the music was high. I didn't let Nialls hand go and he held me close to him. We landed on a couple of chairs and a few others began to talk to Niall. Right as it was, he leaned toward me. 
"Sit still!" he whispered. "I'll just go and talk to a guy, then I'll come back to you." 
I nodded and watched him walk away. I sat there and I looked at all the people. I did see some celebrities, but chose not to bother. Had it been old Lilly had I ran up to them, but the new Lilly didn't care.


"So you sit alone?" 
I looked up and saw one from management. I recognized her and she sat down. She looked coldly at me and I chose to do as Niall said. Don't take offence!
"Where's Niall?" 
I showed that I didn't know and she smiled safely. 
"You just know that you are nothing more than a parasite. Neither of us like you and you should leave Niall in peace. Fans want a single guy and not a guy who chose a simple girl."
I was shocked and just stared at her. I chose to not say anything and she didn't seem to care. 
"If I were you I would give up. You should go home to England and go finish your school., You have nothing to gain here and you don't fit in."


Niall was right, they thought they owned him. Nevertheless, I was upset and her words echoed in my head. I was a parasite?


Niall came back and he brought his arm around my shoulders. He saw immediately that there was something, but I chose to smile. 
"We take it another time." 
He looked uncertainly at me, but I understood that maybe we got to talk at the hotel instead. The evening wasn't successful and I actually felt like a parasite. I really didn't fit in and everyone looked down on me. Okay, I don't know if they looked down on me but I felt that way.


I almost couldn't sleep that night. Niall was snoring next to me and he dreamed, the body twitched. I watched him closely and realized that management was right. The fans didn't think Niall would choose someone like me? Maybe I was living in an illusion and that it was just my head  who thought everything was fine? I didn't want to leave Niall, not yet. I loved him so much and I didn't know how I would explain myself. I came up to stay for a while and try not to be a parasite. I could change myself and maybe fit in an another way?

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