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11. Niall

I don't know what I expected, but I came into a corridor where everything seemed to spin around. The people ran everywhere and I had no idea where I would go. I took up the cell phone and sent a message to Niall. 
"Where shall I go now?" 
He was quick to respond. 
"Stop where you are, I'll find you!"


It felt wrong to just stand there. Nobody noticed me and I wondered if I had made the right choice. Maybe that One Direction would get mad at Niall. Maybe they wouldn't like that he took with him a strange girl on the site and myself, I just felt small. I didn't recognize the people and it was as if I had come in on the world's toughest workplace. I saw those who ran around with clothes, instruments and more. It was as if everyone had a panic and didn't knew if they were going to be ready in time. I swallowed and realized that Niall really had a hectic work. Both before and after an appearance, he had to make sure everything worked. I could almost imagine how much he did, when I saw all the others.


I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned around. Direct I looked into a pair of blue eyes and I saw a rose. I almost fainted because it was Niall Horan who stood before me. I tried to stand up and I saw that he was smiling. 
"So he didn't come?" I whispered disappointed. Niall was startled and then seemed to understand what I had said. 
"Lilly, it's I who's Niall. It's me that you've been talking to for months." 
I just gaped and stared at him. I didn't get in the truth in  the head and the only thing I saw was his gorgeous face. 
"Stop kidding me!" 
Niall just smiled and he gave me the rose. 
"You call yourself girl 99 and I called myself the Irishman 00. I called to you for over a year and I know everything about you. You know everything about me, but I couldn't tell you who I was."
I swallowed and gathered myself. 
Niall continued to smile and he stood closer to me. 
"Had you known who I was, we hadn't been so open to each other. You hadn't seen me for the person that I am, and you had just talked to the guy from One Direction?" 
Okay, it was the truth, but I was still flabbergasted. 
"So you're saying that ..." 
Niall put his hand over my mouth and he let his lips almost brush against my ear. 
"Lilly, I'm still the same person. Difference's that you now know what I look like?" 
I gulped and agreed. 
"Yeah, I guess so." 
He stood still and I felt his breath on my cheek. 
"Give me a chance and don't be afraid. I promised you at being to be a gentleman and I always keep my promises."

Niall moved back a little and looked at me again. He smiled big and didn't seem to have anything against me. 
"Do you remember what I was going to ask?" 
I was surprised. 
He laughed and nodded. 
"You wanted the guy asked you the right way, so I'll do that." He looked into my eyes. "Lilly, you are a wonderful girl and I want to get to know you better. I'll take you on a wonderful dinner?" 
I just gaped. 
"You remember those words?" 
He nodded and took my hand in his. 
"As I said, I remember everything."


I was totally paralyzed in the entire body. I didn't know if I would be happy, sad, if I would shout or what I would feel. Niall took my hand in his and pulled me towards a room. It was the dressing room and I didn't even notice that the other band members were there. I just saw Niall and he seemed to enjoy my presence. 


"Finally!" I heard Harry say, and he came up to me. "As much as Niall was talking about you and finally maybe we get some peace?"
Louis agreed, and I realized something. There were those who were his friends, who I had been talking to online. I just stared at them and it led to Niall almost got mad at them. 
"Let her be. It's a big shock that I'm here!" 
Louis looked at him with an amused look. 
"You should have told her?" 
Niall didn't agree with him and he quickly changed clothes. Then he walked over to me and once again took my hand in his. 
"Guys, I will resolve this on my own."

I didn't mind when Niall took me out of the room. He smiled at me and he seemed not to care about my condition. 
"You're beautiful!" he whispered and looked at me with a long look. "You shouldn't be ashamed of how you look!" 
I swallowed and realized that I totally forgot that part. I had been so taken by that Niall was Niall, so I hadn't thought about what he thought of me. 
"Thank you!" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"You have the perfect length. I like that!" 
I smiled. 
"How do you mean?" 
He looked at me quickly and then showed where we was going. 
"I was afraid you'd be taller than me."
I laughed and just stared at him. 
"So you weren't worried about how I looked?" 
He shook his head. 
"I've already fallen for you, so what does it matter? You are the most wonderful person I know and I'm not going to let you go." 
I swallowed. 
"But you're famous?" 
He looked at me quickly and frowned. 
"What does that have to do with anything? Did you think I couldn't fall for you or were you afraid I would think differently?"
I had no good answer. I realized why he hadn't mentioned that his last name was Horan. I also understood why he had been so secretive with his job and all the pieces fell into place. 
"Okay!" I got out of me. "You are the same Niall as before, but you must understand that I'm a bit shocked?" 
He nodded and looked at me again. 
"It's okay!"

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