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13. Make love

When we got to the hotel we went in the back door. Niall wanted to avoid the media and he wanted to avoid the fans. There was a tingling in my stomach and it felt like I was a kid again. We walked up a staircase, up to the fifth floor. He pulled me into his room and when he closed the door, he smiled at me. 
"So now we're alone."
I blushed slightly and nodded. It wasn't one of the ordinary that I ended up in a room with a guy. He saw my insecurities and came up to me. 
"I promise not to do anything that you don't want to do." 
I just blushed even more. 
"I know!" 
He smiled and took his arms around my shoulders. I avoided his gaze and was proud that I dared to take my arms around his waist.
"We know each other." he whispered tenderly. "You know everything about me and we have nothing to be ashamed of."
I felt his lips against mine. I just got more nervous and I tried to do as he did. Niall laughed a little bit and finished it. 
"You don't need to be afraid. Instead, try to let go of all thoughts."
I felt my whole body tingled and when he kissed me again, I followed his every move. Every thoughts spun around and I felt how he pressed my body against his. His lips were so soft and he groaned lightly against me.


"Damn, I want you!" Niall mumbled and he looked at me with excited eyes. I gulped and nodded weakly. I had no idea what I would do or what he wanted. I had no idea about anything. I just felt that my body reacted to everything he did and I wanted to go further. The problem was that I had no experience and I wasn't sure if I dared.


Yet we landed in bed and Niall ended up on top of me. I felt the whole he moaned for more and he parted my legs. I felt his boner pressed against me, and he influenced me. I let his hand slowly slip back inside the dress and when it touched my breasts I moaned. Niall smiled and kissed me more intensely. He pulled up the dress with the other hand and I felt how he explored my skin. I was surprised that I dared to let him feel me, but I'd do anything to stop that moment. It was as if he owned me. One of his hands slid down between my legs and when he started stroking me, I was like crazy. I felt how he got my whole body to shake and finally I gave up everything. I took my arms tightly around his neck, and I allowed him to continue.


Finally pulled Niall his shirt off. He pulled off my dress and he quickly got off my bra. He lay down on top of me again and I answered the kiss right away. He let his tongue slip in between my lips and after a while, I figured out what I would do. I was a student and Niall was my teacher. He caressed me, he touched my body and in the end it was as if I just wanted explordera. He let his hand slip back inside my panties and this time he made me moan with the entire body. I felt him put his fingers perfectly over my clit and my hole. I lifted my hips against him and he seemed to like it. He moaned and I felt a finger slowly penetrated. At first it hurt, but after a while came the pleasant feeling back. I didn't even notice that he pulled my panties off and he looked at my body. I was completely in the movements and moved me up against him. I moaned and I groaned. Niall quickly pulled off his pants and I realized that we couldn't stop anymore. I was his and he allowed me to become part of his life.


Right as it was stopped Niall. He looked into my eyes and I saw that he was red in the face with excitement. He smiled weakly and swallowed. 
"Are you sure we should go all the way?" he whispered. I also stopped and realized that he actually asked. I looked at him that he was prepared for anything and I felt my body wanted more. 

"Would you?" 
He laughed a little bit and kissed the tip of my nose easily. 
"I want to, but it's you who decides." 
I took his hand and brought it down between my legs. He started stroking me again and I whimpered against him. I then took my arms around his neck and swallowed. 
"Take me!"
Niall smiled and I felt  how he laid the body on top of me. I felt how he brought his member against me and slowly he penetrate. He groaned and looked straight into my eyes. I felt how he filled me and in the end he was completely inside me. I moaned and felt the whole body screamed. I groaned and forced him to kiss me again. Niall slowly began to move on his body and he got me to spread your legs even more. I felt how he increased the pace and his whole body was tense. He moaned loud against my lips and we managed barely to kiss each other. Instead, I felt that he was inside me. I moaned and I started bringing the hip up and down in his pace. Niall took one hand under my butt and I felt how he was holding it up so that I would lie still. Finally he took his hand and started stroking me over my clit again. He increased the pace and almost bounced on me. I heard it smacked and sounded every time he came hard into me and I realized that I was really excited. Eventually it became too much and my whole body exploded. I started to shake and I could feel my whole body whimpered the orgasm that appeared from nowhere. I screamed and I pressed myself against him. Then I  just landed on the bed, before it was his turn to shake. I felt how he pushed himself hard into me and he almost lost his breath. He moaned and I could feel him shaking. It was as if he had no control over anything and he shrugged.


After ward, he lay still on top of me and I felt his lips against my cheek. He was breathing rapidly and was breathless. I felt the way our bodies were so close together and it was a wonderful feeling. I didn't dare say anything and I didn't dare move my body away. I almost thought he had fallen asleep, but instead I heard his beautiful voice. 
"Stay the night!" 
I looked at the clock and noticed that it was soon morning. I realized that my mom was asleep and she didn't notice that I was gone. I smiled weakly. 

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