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23. Little things ♥

"You've got some colour in your face!" Niall whispered to me in the evening and let his hand caress my cheek. He smiled at me and was glad I went over to the stadium with him. I just smiled and chose not to tell about the day. Instead, I felt lucky again and I just saw him in front of me. I accompanied them to the scene and before Niall would get up and perform, he hugged me tight. 
"Stand where you usually stands, next to the stage." 
I smiled and nodded. He kissed me quickly and let me off then. I watched him disappear off into the small elevators that would take them up on stage.


I heard all the familiar songs, and I stood at the side of the stage. I stood where I wasn't in my way and I couldn't let go of Niall with my eyes. He ran around like he was crazy and he had fun. I saw that he loved to be on stage and he did everything to entertain the fans.


Niall picked up the guitar and sat down on the stairs, which was up on stage. He smiled at me and started to play. I heard directly that it was Little Things. He looked at me with his blue eyes and I could do nothing but laugh a little bit. So come the chorus before he would sing. Without that I was ready, he came over to me, took my hand and pulled me on stage. Some fans just screamed but others fell silent. I didn't care because Niall had all power in his hand. He didn't released me with his eyes and his part of the song came. 
"You'll never love yourself, Half as much as I love you!" His voice was steady, but I saw in his eyes that he just sang to me. "You'll never treat yourself right, darlin' But I want you to, If I let you know, I'm here for you!"
Niall smiled at me and took his arm around my waist. He pulled me as close to him as he could.
"Maybe you'll love yourself, Like I love you?"


He kissed me! I almost fainted! He kissed me in front of all the fans and everyone just cheered. I heard all took pictures and I felt my face turned red. Niall seemed not to care about someone else and when he finished the kiss he smiled big at me. 
"They have told me!" he whispered. "the management isn't wise and now they can't throw you out. I love you so much." 
I was about to just start crying, but managed to keep the tears back. 
"I love you!"






I know, silly ... 
Still, I have many times wanted to write that Niall takes out his girlfriend (or the one he loves) on stage and sing just for her. It's silly and almost embarrassing? HAHAHA ... But I like the idea! 

♥Also, I just love Nialls solo in Little things♥

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