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25. Home

Mom got a shock when I called home. She was silent for several minutes before she cleared her throat. 
"You're serious?" 
I laughed and looked down at my hand. Niall had told me that he loved green colours and Ireland were all green. He wanted me to have a ring that told me that he felt that I was better than his' Home country. 
"Yes!" I whispered. "I can't explain it, but he is the right one!" 
She was almost in despair 
"He's twenty years old and you are eighteen years old., Isn't that young, you don't know each other." 
I knew she would say so. It seemed hopeless to explain anything to her. 
"Please mom be just happy for me."


Nialls mom Maura responded to the same thing, but Niall was able to convince her. 
"We'll be home as soon as this is completed and you will just love her. I've talked to her in over a year and she's the only one for me." 
I was still scared. People thought we were crazy, and maybe we were just crazy. Maybe we should have waited? Nevertheless infected Nialls luck to and on me. I saw how happy he was and he shone like the sun. He showed all of our rings, and he was proud that I was the one he had chosen.


"I see that you have doubts!" Louis whispered to me. "Don't tell me that you don't want to do it?" 
I looked at him and didn't know what to say. 
"But it goes so fast?" 
He laughed a little bit. 
"Niall will not leave you, if that's what you're worried about., He will fight for you, only you allow it." 
I looked at him and frowned. 
"What had that with the rings to do?" 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"Niall said some years ago that the day he meets his princess, he will not let her go. He knew what he was doing before he met you, because this was his dream."


It happened! 


Three days later I woke up that I felt sick. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I didn't have to ponder on what it was. I know! I was pregnant. Niall had gone down to the other and I was alone. I sat on the floor and everything was spinning around. What would I do? Would I talk about it, or have an abortion? I wasn't ready to be a mom, but at the same time was Niall ready for anything.


I barely ate nothing all day, and when evening came I felt bad again. 
"I'm not going to the stadium!" I whispered to Niall. He smiled and nodded at me. He hugged me and kissed me lightly. 
"It's okay honey!" 
I smiled at him and I hated that I was lying. I looked at him and knew that I would regret it. I knew I would look back and regret everything. 


As soon as he had left the hotel, I wrote him a letter. 
"Sorry, but I must go home and feel what I want to do. I love you but I don't know if I'm ready for marriage. I'm sorry it had to go this far and I apologize that I'm a coward, but I must find myself. Niall Please don't be mad at me and I love you more than you can imagine! Your Lilly!"


I had been helped by the management, who were just happy that I left Niall. I had packed the bag on the sly and it went fast. A car picked me up and I went straight to the airport. I sat in a plane, directly lifted to England. I cried! I cried as I shook, but I knew Niall would surely understand. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but in a few years. I knew he wouldn't come after me and I knew he would let me go.


When I got home, I chose to settle my life in my room. I shut out the world and I cried. I didn't tell my mom that I was pregnant. I wanted a miracle would occur. That it was a miscarriage or that I was wrong. Maybe it was just stomach flu? The ring I had left on Nialls hotel, but on my hand it was discovered that I had been engaged. The skin where the ring had been placed was paler and directly, I was missing the ring. It had been all that I could dream of.




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