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It was a nasty habit as I always was online. I did it via the cell phone and my PC. I had contact with Niall as long as I was awake and sometimes we wrote only small short messages. Sometimes we wrote about opinions and sometimes just silly things.


"I eat at Nandos!" he wrote. I laughed and knew that he was often there and ate food. 
"You live a luxurious life who eat out often?" 
I smiled. 
"I've eaten home cooked macaroni and meatballs." 
Niall replied fairly quickly. 
"One day I'll cook a nice dinner for you. :)" 
I laughed. 
"Why? I can cook on my own! X)" 
"But I'm good at cooking, and no one has complained so far..." 
"Are you saying, who eating at Nandos all the time?" 
I could see how he laughed in front of me. 
"And? Just because I eat at Nandos doesn't mean that I can't cook?" 
I laughed. 
"Okay, you get to cook for me one day. But not today!"


Sometimes he was more cards in the answers and it was as if he was doing something important. 
"What's happening?" I could write to him, as a question. 
"A lot!" 
"Want to chat a bit?" 
"No time. I'll keep working!" 
I looked in wonder at the mobile. 
"In the evening?" 
Very slow but he answered. 
"I work the night shift sometimes and you know it?" 
I sighed. 
"You never told me what you're working with? Are you employed in a factory or in a supermarket?" 
He replied again. 
"No, but I'll not talk about that part of my life!" 

"Are you a thief?" 
"NO! Lord God what do you think about me?"
I actually didn't know what he was working with. I often told him about the school, but he was taciturn with his profession. Sometimes he talked about the guitar as a job, sometimes scenes but mostly he mentioned only that he had four colleagues.
"So you work the night with your colleagues but you refuse to tell me with what?" 
"But you aren't a thief or a criminal guy?" 
"You are a mystery ... 8S" 
"I want to tell you, but I know it would change everything. Lets say I work nights sometimes. :3"


I wondered sometimes about Niall and sometimes I wanted to squeeze out of him the truth. Yet, I chosen't to bother me, in the end. He didn't tell me about everything and maybe there was a reason?


"Lilly, do you have any taste in music?" 
I laughed and smiled at my laptop. 
"Well, have you?" 
"What do you like?" 
I thought before I answered. 
"Pitbull, Justin Bieber, One Direction and many other bands. What are you listening to?"
"Favourite song with One Direction?" 
I smiled. He didn't answer the question and chose a supplementary question. 
"Little things, Happily and indeed many others. So your taste in music?"
It took a while before he answered. 
"Everything possible. I listen to everything!"


"Who in One Direction's your favourite?" 

I smiled. 
"Why do you ask? Are you like them?" 
"Please just answer!" 
I had no favourite. 
"All five!" 
"But come on! If you select one of the guys, who would you choose?" 
I hesitated, thinking. 
"Either Niall or Louis!"
I figured out that Niall had the same name as Niall Horan. It made ​​me laugh a little and I wondered if that was what he wanted to hear? 
"Niall!" I replied, and immediately he replied. 
"Good choice!"

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