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20. Dresses

In the morning took Niall on his clothes before I had woken up. I woke up and noticed that the room was empty. I yawned and chose to take a shower and I felt my body felt clean and refreshed. As soon as I came out to the room, with the towel around my body, came a breathless Niall through the door. He smiled big and held a bag in his hand. He closed the door without a word and walked up to me. He held out the bag and I looked down into it. 
"Condoms!" he said and giggled. "Lots of them!"
I was just flabbergasted but laughed when I saw his happy face. He was really proud of himself and before I knew it, he pulled off the towel from my body. He backed me against the bed and on the way there, he tore off his clothes. I realized that he really wanted and I saw it on his entire body.
"Niall, we don't have time to really do this?"
He nodded and pushed me against the mattress. He lay down quickly on top of me and I felt that he was horny. He was hard between his legs and he kissed me hard. I noticed that he took on a condom and without foreplay penetrate.
"I was awake all night! " he groaned . " I realized you were right! "
He kissed me again and he immediately began to move on his body. I felt that he slowly made ​​me follow his movements and he seemed crazy about me  He was quick and I had just begun to enjoy when he come. I felt him shaking and how he pushed himself hard into me.
"Sorry!" Niall murmured, and calmed down. "But I was so...."
I just smiled and wondered if guys really could be so excited? I had no more experience than Niall and had no idea how the guys was. Niall started to kiss me again. He let the kiss wander down over my neck and down my chest . I felt how he got my nipples to react and the kiss went down over my body. He got between my legs and I felt how he started kissing me down there. 
"Niall, I don't want ..." 
His tongue made ​​me scream. I took my hands over his head and he got my whole body shaking. I felt his tongue touched my aria perfectly, all over my sensitive part and in the end I pressed me up against his face. He made me moan and I spread my legs as much as I could. He let his tongue play with my clit and I felt a finger penetrated. I whimpered and I stopped to think. Eventually I reached the top, and my whole body felt like fireworks. It exploded and I screamed.


In the afternoon, I realized that all the management didn't like my presence. Niall demanded that a person would arrange my clothes, we couldn't go into the city without guards and Niall couldn't cope with the fans in the heat. I saw how all eyes were cold and I was almost afraid. I took Nialls hand tightly and he understood why I reacted. 
"They think they determine everything." he whispered. "Don't worry about their cold looks. They are just angry that they couldn't pick out a girlfriend for me." 
I frowned and looked at him. 
"Selecting girlfriend?" 
He nodded and was serious. 
"Eleanor was initially selected from them. They felt that Louis could have a girlfriend, the group looked more believable if one of us had a girl." 
I didn't like what I heard. 
"But he loves her?"

Niall didn't answer but pulled me toward the back of the hotel. There was a lawn, alongside a large pool. Louis and Liam stood there and played football. Niall and I went there and Niall let go of my hand. The boys began to play the ball between each other. I chose to sit in the grass and tried to sunbathe. It was a wonderful day and I heard children playing in the pool. It was like I was on vacation and had ended up in an exotic country. Harry showed up, but he chose to sit beside me in the grass. 
"Do you like it, so far?" he asked. I nodded and met his gaze. 
"I just have a hard time understanding why so many girls running after you." 
He laughed a little bit. 
"We love our fans, because it's thanks to them we have come this far. But I understand what you mean. Sometimes they become like mad and it's as if they forget that we are just regular guys."
Harry lay down on his back in the grass and we were just quiet. I looked out over the pool and saw how some girls pointed towards us. It was as if they had discovered the guys and immediately they stopped bathing. I watched them for a while, but chose to do as Harry. I lay down on my back and sunbathed.


After a while I felt someone put a shadow over me. I opened my eyes and saw a mischievous Niall in front of me.
"They've got clothes in the room." he said. "We're going up and pick out which dress you should have."
He helped me up and then we went into the hotel. I was surprised when I came in to our room. There were four racks with lots of dresses. I just gaped and stared at Niall.
"Is that how you buy clothes?"
He laughed and shook his head.
"We can actually go to a store, but when the fans are too many we can't leave the hotel. Therefore, this is easier."


Niall helped me pick out a gorgeous black dress. Management also came in with shoes and jewelry. I was in seventh heaven and I couldn't get enough of to try everything. 
"Select several dresses." Niall said, laughing. "We will certainly go to a few more events?"

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