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28. A few years later!

One of the employees came up on stage during the show. 
"Niall, you have to get home tonight!" 
He became worried. 
"What happened?" 
The man smiled big and leaned against the Irish ear. He whispered lightly to him by the ear and directly smiled Niall up. He laughed and didn't know what to say. He turned to the others in the group and to the fans. 
"I will be father!" 
Cheers throughout the arena and direct Liam ran up to him. 
"You make it home if you leave now!" 
Niall was surprised. 
"Should I just go?" 
Liam nodded and hugged his best friend. 
"Yes, get out before I change my mind. Fans are left in the morning and we're still a group!"


Niall came running into the hospital. A nurse recognized him and smiled big to him. 
"Room 369! The second floor!" 
Niall smiled gratefully and ran up the stairs. He forgot that there were elevators and he didn't want to miss more. He came breathless into the room and immediately smiled Lilly up. She was in pain, but she had known all along that Niall would come in time. 
"I held on!" she moaned. Niall sat down beside her and took her hand in his. He kissed her quickly on the forehead and looked down at the doctor. 
"How does it look?" 
"Good!" was the reply. "Now, a pain, Lilly, come and push so that the baby comes out."


At three o'clock that night was Tim born. A boy who weighed 3.40 kg and was 48 cm long. He was the cutest baby in the hospital and Niall holding him tightly. He cried for joy and didn't know how he would show how much he already loved his son. Niall looked down at the little creature and then he looked at Lilly. 
"Is it he that has sprawled?" 
Lilly laughed and nodded. 
"Yes, it was just a small Horan junior!"







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