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5. A drunk call

One Saturday rang Niall me up on skype and I heard he was at a party. He wasn't sober and he was in good spirits. 
"I missed your voice!" he said, and seemed to rustle something. "I'll just put on my headphones so I can hear you." 
I heard the sound around him and in the end he seemed to find a quieter place. 
"Now we can talk!" he said in a cheerful voice. I just laughed and realized that we had taken a step further. Niall missed me! 
"So where are you?" I was inquiring of me. Niall groaned lightly and seemed anything but himself. 
"I'm at Louis place, I think. A buddy and he's having a party." 
I smiled. 
"I heard it, it pounds loud music."
Niall sighed a little and laughed then. 
"I borrowed his computer because I wanted to talk to you." 
I smiled. 
"Why did you want to talk to me?" 
"I missed you!" 
I smiled wider. 
"Can you miss me?" 
Niall was adamant. 
"Yes, because you are the only one that knows me for me." 
I laughed again and realized that he was crazy. 
"So you call me up and you're at a party?" 
Niall was proud of himself. 
"Of course I wanted to call you because we always have to talk to each other."
I shook my head and realized that he really must be drunk. It sounded so at him and I realized that I meant a lot to him. I was delighted with the discovery, and actually, I was proud. 
"So you have fun?" 
He grunted. 
"Well, I've pretty sad because this is such a treat that I must be on." 
"You could say no?" 
Niall didn't give up. 
"No, because we were on such a thing that we must go to and I ended up here." 
I smiled and somehow it was wonderful that he still took the time to contact me. I didn't question him about anything because he wouldn't give me an answer. It was an important celebration and he had to be there. End of story!


"Are you still talking with the girl?" I heard right it was someone say. Niall groaned and I realized he was talking to the person. 
"Yes, I want to talk to her and you can leave me alone!" 
The person came up to Niall. The voice sounded clearer and I understood that he sat next to Niall. 
"So ask her to come?" 
Niall groaned again and I understood that he was against it. 
"No, she's not yet eighteen and her parents will say no!" 
His friends laughed. 
"But can I talk to her?" 
I heard the sound, protests, and right as it was seemed Nialls friends have the headphones on him. 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Hey! Who are you?" 
He seemed happy and laughed a little bit. 
"I'm Nialls friend Harry and he haven't talked about anyone else but you tonight." 
I laughed. 
"It sounds good?" 
Harry sighed and I heard Niall said against him. 
"So where are you living?" 
I told him about what part of the country that I lived in and immediately sighed Harry. 
"So you can't come here?" 
I shook my head. 
"No, and Niall's right. My parents will not let me go."
Harry sighed a little and then laughed. 
"You will talk to her Niall!" 
It rustled and sounded in the computer before I heard Nialls voice again. 
"Now I have the headphones!" he said, and seemed angry at Harry. "I apologize to my friend ..." 
A voice echoed in the background. 
"Niall just talking about you and he don't apologize!" 
I laughed. 
"Niall, it's okay!" 
He seemed to calm down. 
"I just wanted to call and hear so you feel good and you're alive."
I was actually a little concerned that he called me. It sounded as if I meant a lot to him and it made my stomach tingle. 
"Thank you for calling!" 
Niall laughed uncertainly. 
"I know I will regret this but I think highly of you." 
I smiled. 
"I really like you too?" 
Niall wasn't interested in what I said. 
"No Lilly!" he exclaimed. "I mean I'm in love with you, but still we haven't meet. You're such a girl I just want to hug and care about." 
I was breathless and Niall continued. 
"You are my sunshine, you are my flower and you are my everything. I dare not to say it when I'm sober so that's why I should do it now. I'm so crazy about you as a guy can be, and yet we haven't met?"
I confess! 
I dropped the word and I just gaped. Niall sighed and I heard that he really opened himself up to me. He talked about what he felt and he talked about everything with me. 
"Please, Lilly, can't you get your mom or dad to let me see you? I get crazy if I don't get to meet you soon!" 
I swallowed. 
"Niall, you will be disappointed." 
He didn't seem to agree. 
"I don't care if you are ugly, fat, or if you look like a pig. I love you because you bothered to listen." 
I swallowed and felt unsafe. 
"Niall, we'll talk about it when you're sober."
He seemed to almost give up hope. 
"Then I wouldn't dare!" 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Well, you know me pretty well and I agree most of the time?" 
He laughed and agreed. 
"Well I know!" he replied. "It's just that you make me completely crazy. I'm like a mouse and I dare no more than a pipe for you." 
"I hate mice!" 
He laughed and I heard how he sighed. 
"I'm like a cat then? I wonder when I'll get to see the toy but it doesn't happen?" 
I laughed so hard that tears came. 
"Am I a toy?"
Niall seemed angry with himself. 
"No, you are more like milk that the cat drinks. I need you." 
I laughed even more. 
"Come on Niall! I'm just one online friend and I don't mean so much to you?" 
Niall sighed again and he easily dejected. I knew he really meant business. 
"But Niall!" I got out of me. "We said from the beginning that we would just be online friends?" 
He agreed. 
"I know, but things can change!" 
I swallowed and I felt my whole body was in rebellion. 
"Call me when you're sober!" 
He calmed down. 

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