Harry Styles was in a boyband. Everyone loved him, they thought they knew everything there was to know about him. But what they didn't know, was that he had a twin sister, who was kidnapped when the two were just fifteen years old.


1. Escaping

Songs for the chapter- Still breathing and Your Song by Mayday PArade

Valerie's POV



That was the word constantly running through my mind.

It was the one thing i would think of every day for the past three years. 

I just simply wanted to escape. Nothing more, nothing less. I just wanted to get away from this place. 

"Hey slut!" He yelled. I just sat there, waiting for what i knew was to come. He walked over to me, his footsteps echoing throughout the dark empty room. This was the room that had become my home for the past three years. You see, I was kidnapped. Actually, if I've been keeping track of time right, it was exactly three years from this day that I was kidnapped. 

"Answer me when I talk to you." He yelled, his hideous voice echoing. He punched me in the stomach as he spoke, and i doubled over in pain.

There was a knock at the back door, causing him to turn his head. I saw this as my chance, and took what I could get. I kneed him right between his legs, and ran as fast as I could towards the front door. I pulled it open and bolted. I ran and I ran. I thought I could actually escape this time. 


Harry's POV


"Alright mate, we know you've been hiding something from us since the beginning. And today you seem more distant than ever, so spill." Louis spoke, placing his hand on my shoulder. The other three boys looked at me, waiting for a reply. 

I sighed, knowing there was no point in keeping this from them any longer. I sat down on the couch, taking a deep breath before i began.

"Well you guys know my older sister Gemma right?" I paused, as they all nodded.

"Well, she's not my only sister." I said, pausing to think about how to continue. 
"Mate, what do you mean?" Liam asked confused, the other boys expressions mirroring his. 

And with that, the memories that I've been blocking from my mind came flooding back all at once.



We were at the park with the rest of our family. Mum and dad were talking with Gemma about her going off to college soon. 

"Mum, me and Valerie are going to go for a walk, okay?"

"Alright, just don't go too far."  We both nodded, before getting up and walking. We didn't say anything, but we didn't need to. We did this all the time, just walked, letting our minds run free, and think about everything or nothing at all. I was walking for a while, my eyes focused on the ground. I looked over at Valerie ready to say something, when i realized she wasn't there. I looked all around me, but I couldn't see her anywhere. How did I not realize she was gone?

I turned and began to run in the direction we had come from. I had been running for a few minutes when i saw her. She was getting pushed by a man into the back of a van. I ran towards her, but by the time i reached them they were long gone. She was gone.


"She was kidnapped and it was all my fault. We haven't seen her in three years." I spoke quietly, tears blurring my vision. 

"Mate, I'm so sorry, let's get some coffee to cheer up, yeah?" Liam said., patting my back. 

"Okay" I said, wiping my eyes. We all got our jackets on and headed outside. We decided to walk to the coffee shop, giving us all time to clear our heads. But all I could think about was Valerie. I was completely zoned out until i ran into someone. I looked down at the girl with wild hair and bright eyes.

Wait, i would recognize those green eyes and curls anywhere. 

"V- Valerie?"

"Wait, Harry?" She whispered before she collapsed right in front of me. 



SORRY i know it sucks, but heyyy im back on movellas loll. Idk, what do ya think?

LOve you

~Maddiee xx 



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