Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


4. The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out


I look at my phone and it's 6 Then I hear a car park outside.


Once I look out the balcony in my apartment I see Alex and Vic.

Vic says "COME ON !!!" and does a signal.

I smile and so does he.

"One minute" I signal and grab my purse.

I have on this purple dress and ready to go.

The door shuts behind me.

Alex gets out and introduces him.

“Angel , Vic”

“Yeah I've heard a lot about you”

“Get in the car loser were going to a restaurant not a wedding."Jack says.

“You look like a messed up porky pine,”I say and get in the back seat.

“Yeah man you do,” Alex agrees.

“I was just kidding, you look handsome”I say and look at him.

“You’re not bad yourself”Jack says.

“Thanks, and where’s Rian and Zack”

“They rode with Kaite and Kellin” “


“Don't worry I’ll introduce them to you”


“Jack how'd it go with you and Hailey ?” Vic interrupts.


“Her ex showed up and he wanted to take her back.”

I really wanted to say awe I’m so sorry, but since Vic and Alex are here  I say...

“Did she take him back ?”

“I don't know but there’s this feeling in my gut that she doesn't want to see me anymore"

 I didn't answer because the more I did, less and less hope he got.

“So who’s hungry ?” Alex said.

“I am !”

All of us shouted.

Alex’s P.O.V


“Were here !”I said and parked the closest near the place.

I got out and helped Angel.

“Thanks”she said.

When I saw her she looked stunning, her earrings brung out her dark eyes.

“Oh my god,you look amazing,”

I whispered in a valley girl accent.

“You do too,” she laughed.

Once I look back I see Cassadee with another guy.

Me and her lock eyes for a minute and then Angel says my name.

“Alex , Alex”

The second time I look into her eyes.

“Are you okay ?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

It’s not long before she knows who I’m looking at.

She forms somewhat of a smile. I can tell she feels sorry.

We walk inside and sit at a very long booth.

“Kaite this is Angel.”

“Quinn , Angel.“

“Hey”she says and shakes hands. 

“Me and Alex met at highschool when he was just starting the band.”

“Cool, I brought sweets,” she said.

“Ohh gosh ! never bring candy around her! She has a sweet tooth”Kellin states.

“No,it’s fine”

“No,it's fine"Kellin says in a nerd voice.

Katie laughs,and he kisses her.

Angel laughs while she starts talking to Katie.

Everyones having a great time.

Jack got a little drunk, but not as much as last time.


Jacks P.O.V

Meanwhile after we're about to leave, everyone's taking a break to get some fresh air.

Haileys ex didn't come back, it’s just that I think I like Angel.

I had to break up with her, the guilt was killing me.

I know it’s bizarre, but after the Jam fest I thought she was different.

Most girls just think I’m a jerk.

She thought I was a cute one.At least I think.

I had to get drunk in order to tell her.It's so much pressure.

What if she says no and it's awkaward?

What if she secretly has a boyfriend?

Jack wait! who does that?

No one! Exactly!

Jack just calm down.

I went to go sit on the bench.

Angel comes and sits next to me.

“What’s wrong ?”

“Hailey’s ex didn't come back.”

“Why’d you make that up ?”

Her big brown eyes looked at me.

I paused.Fuck it.

“It's because I like you.”

“As in like like.”

"As in Jack Barakat likes me."

“Yeah, I mean.”

“Hailey just wasn't right for me, I felt like I had to climb a mountain to get to her.”

"I broke up with her."

She was silent.

Just then I kissed her. I wasn't even planning to it just happened.

“Jack I-”

“Guys lets go,”Vic said and Angel went.

I rode with Rian and Zack since they took my car.


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